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The Grammy's


The Grammy's

Music , Style

Music, Fashion and Fun!

Take a peak at our favorite musicians parading some amazing fashions down the red carpet.

The Grammy's: Music, Fashion and Fun!

This year the best and brightest in the music world gathered at the STAPLES center in Los Angeles, to hand out some awards, 83 for those who are counting. While most tune in for the performances, we at MyCloset are in it for the fashions. The Grammy’s is always more avant-garde than Hollywood glamour with most of our favorites taking risks not typically seen at other award shows. The biggest trend we caught this year was showing skin, and for some lots of it! There were those with cut-outs, those with off-the-shoulder and strapless gowns, plunging necklines, crop tops and Halsey making the unbuttoned blouse with nothing underneath look work.

Purples, greens, pinks, metallics and of course your classic black and white looks strolled down the carpet. Red, however edged out the competition with stars like Carrie Underwood, Beyoncé, Mya, Charlie XCX and Faith Hill all shining in the color.

With fashion icons Rihanna and Solange in attendance it is no surprise they walked away topping the best dressed lists. Rihanna sported a tangerine, crystal halter top and pleated black ball gown shaped skirt by Armani Privé. While Solange donned an allover pleated gold lamé Gucci gown. Then you have Lady Gaga, in her own category, who wore up-and-coming designer, Alex Ulichny and rocked a barely there top, embellished with sea-urchin/porcupine like spikes, high-waisted hot-pants, fish nets and thigh high boots.

Each year a little high fashion sneaks its way onto the Grammy red carpet; Adele in Givenchy, Beyoncé in Peter Dundas, Andra Day in Vintage Dior and Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad were just a few who stood out.




Love of , Accessories

Trendy Hats

Fedora's, straw and cloche's oh my! Hats are all around us, let check some out...

Oh, hats, an accessory that both men and women of all ages can rock throughout the year. There was a time when some women and men wouldn’t leave the house without wearing one. In fact, some women still wear a hat every Sunday while attending church. As time and fashions changed, hats became a rarity, used more as a functional accessory than a trendy one. The past decade has changed all that. Now one can find a hat at any store and in any shape and size. The variety seems endless:

You have your baseball hat/cap, the Panama, the fez, a sun hat, a beanie, the beret, a fedora, the trilby, a bowler/derby, the fisherman’s cap, a bucket hat, the newsboy, the trapper hat, a gaucho hat, the cowboy/cowgirl, the snood, a cloche, the ivy/flat cap, the visor, an outback/outdoor hat, a turban hat, the breton, a military cap, the pork pie, a pillbox, the homburg, the boater, suiter hats, the gambler, the floppy hat, a bonnet, hats with veils and of course the iconic top hat.

So, if you haven’t already added one of these trendy accessories to your closet, find one that suits your style and have fun with it!



Mens Inspired Womenswear

Style , Breakers

Women Vs Men

Most of what we women wear today is straight up inspired by menswear.

For centuries, dresses were the only options for a woman. Now, that doesn’t exactly mean all women adhered to this standard, think Joan of Arc. History is filled with women wearing menswear to fight in wars and enter the workforce.

Let’s go all the way back in time to Eastern warriors who rode horse back. High heeled shoes were invented for those men to keep their feet in the stirrups. By the 16th century women had started sporting a high heeled shoe as well. During the 18th century women’s riding attire and redingotes took inspiration from men’s military uniforms as a show of support for male family members. Others like Catherine the Great and Marie Antoinette used menswear as a show of strength. Then came the dress and pant combination which goes all the way back to the mid-1800s when some women rocked the Turkish trouser under a shorter dress. Around the same time the Wigan pit brow girls would roll up their skirts with trousers underneath while working in coal mines. Sadly, these fashion choices were seen as scandalous and not adopted by all women.

The trend of working women wearing pants continued on into the late 1800s when they entered the industrial field. By World War II even more women were forced into working a ‘man’s job’ while the men were off fighting. After the war, women did not want to go back and wore trousers for casual and leisure activities. Celebrities like Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich then made trousers fashionable and a little socially acceptable. By the 1960s, designer jeans, pantsuits and long trousers were fashionable with more women and girls wearing these trends to work, school and out for a night on the town.

Nowadays it is commonplace for women to wear pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, khakis and suits. Let’s check out some trendy menswear inspired womenswear shall we...
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