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Golden Globes


Golden Globes

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Hollywood's Golden Night!

The stars of film and television are honored by the Foreign Press Association and we shall check out their looks.

Golden Globes: Hollywood's Golden Night!

Looking at style that is always appealing, we take another look into the women and men of the Golden Night...The women and men of Hollywood continue to put their best foot forward, making the Golden Globe’s red carpet a night filled with color, sparkle, glamour and oddly enough, bows… lots and lots of bows. We were slightly surprised at the amount of bows in all honesty but thankfully they came in a variety of placements, colors and sizes. With Danai Gurira, Charlize Theron, Gemma Chan, Glenn Close, Penelope Cruz, Julianne Moore, Dakota Fanning, Heidi Klum, Rachel Brosnahan, Linda Cardellini, Kaley Cuoco, Alison Brie and Nicole Kidman all sporting a bow of some sort it was most definitely the hottest detail of the evening.

The next biggest trend of the night was color; bold and bright colors. Blues made the strongest showing with Alison Brie, Lady Gaga, Gina Rodriguez, Lupita Nyong’O, Gemma Chan, Amy Adams, Camilla Belle, Allison Janney, and Stephanie Beatriz all rocking the color in a variety of hues. Greens, reds and oranges vied for second place with many women picking a different shade of each. Of course some women and men for that matter came in classic white. In fact the white tuxedo jacket was a trend among men like Luke Evans, Terry Crews, Tony Shalhoub and Justin Hartley. Velvet and tulle made great showings, with men getting in on the velvet action as well. A dramatic, accentuated sleeve or simply a long sleeved gown was a favorite with the ladies. Capes continued to be a trend, only this time, one man hopped on the cape train. Pose’s Billy Porter rocked a Randi Rahm suit with a bright pink lined, floor length, embroidered cape. And boy did Mr. Porter know who to work that cape on the red carpet!



Fun with Style

Worldly , Fashions

Plaid Central

Plaid is one of the most successful and popular patterns worldwide. We certainly know why!

Ah, the iconic Plaid, with subsets like checks, herringbone, gingham, buffalo, houndstooth and glen plaid. These days the pattern looks richer than ever, coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are now seeing plaid in head to toe looks, varying in shades or the mixing plaid colors and materials. Check out the outfits above to give yourself ideas on how to keep adding plaid to your closet.

What is the history of plaid you ask, well, we are happy to oblige. The plaid patterns we know today were originally called Tartan. They harken back thousands of years to days of yore. Tartan described the pattern and color used to differentiate the Scottish clans. Meanwhile in Scotland, plaid was known as a winter cloak that came in the same colors When British and American manufacturers got in on the fun they chose to call the pattern plaid. The symbolic meaning of each distinctive family was then lost to history. Before becoming popular to outsiders, tartan was first adopted by the Scottish military during James Francis Edward Stuart’s rebellion against the English monarchy in 1714 (think bestselling book and popular TV show Outlander).



Opposites Attract

Rocking , Style

Everything is Black and White

Two classic colors. One chic look. Its the color combination any fashionista can rock.

Black and white, the most classic of all color combinations. No matter how they are worn, the combo always appears clean, chic and crisp. Sure, it’s not the most groundbreaking way to standout in a crowd but it can be a stunner. Just ask Janelle Monáe, it is her signature ‘color’ and she is quite the fashion icon in the making, if not already there.

Maybe black and white work so well together because in the end opposites attract. Black is visually heavy and traps space and is associated with strength, mystery, seriousness, professionalism and mourning while white is safe and open and associated with clarity, cleanliness, purity and salvation.
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Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia / itawero
Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia / itawero
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