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Pegah Sasani

ounder Pegah Sasani first established Pécosa CéCéla in Los Angeles, CA, in 2007. After working years in the fashion industry as a model and stylist, her inspiration for art, beauty and creativity transferred to fashion design. Pécosa CéCéla, by Pegah Sasani ’s 2007/2008 Resort Collection; Fall/Spring Preview was officially launched Summer 2007.
Pegah Sasani was born on July 3, 2007 in Tehran, Iran. Because of the impact of the revolution and the war in Iran, both her parents and her older sibling packed up and left Iran and relocated to the Philippines. They eventually moved and settled in the United States. Continuously moving with her family from New York to Los Angeles, Sasani was predominately raised in Southern California. In her mid teens her family left the congested city and moved to the suburbs. She graduated community college and she continued her education at the University of California Riverside in which she earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Sasani was first exposed to the fashion industry when she got involved with modeling in her later teens. She experienced traveling, photo shoots, being creative and using her imagination. Without any prior schooling or training, she developed and created her own style and design: Pécosa CéCéla. Her debut fashion show was sponsored by Project Ethos in July 2007. Since then Pécosa CéCéla has appeared on magazine covers, editorials and award shows. Currently, Pegah Sasani at the tender age of 23, is based and working in Los Angeles, California where she is diligently pursuing her dream of becoming recognized and respected in the world of fashion.
Pecosa CeCela is difficult to categorize because it is an elaborate sometimes unpredictable product of my unexplainable imagination. I feel it is a twisted inspiration and mixture of rock, victorian, theatrical, futuristic, classical, and whatever.
– Pegah Sasani
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