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Luly Yang And Her Designs

Are You A Fan Of Ruffles?

Luly Yang's love of clothing design is evident in all that she does. Her luxurious boutique carries men's fashions and women's wear with a heavy focus on bridal designs. All pieces are magnificent. But there was a particular garment that caught our eye, as it was a little different than all else that adorned the boutique. We noticed a fresh colored ruffle dress with accents. This dress, along with other darling couture dresses that had one to many ruffles, were crisp, flirty and elegant, while exuding a youthful but sophisticated vibe. These dresses, while couture in style, fit most body types and could be safely worn to a variety of events.

What do you think of an elegant ruffle dress as an all occasion dress? Would you wear a dress that was adorned entirely with ruffles?

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I love ruffles something fierce. I don't think a dress like the one above would work with my body type but I love that ruffles are in the world.
elizadolittle12     10/17/14
I wish I liked ruffles, but I am not a big fan of them. I do however have one blue top with ruffles that I would love to wear some day. It looks good just not on me at the moment. Maybe it will grow on me.
Daphne     10/17/14
I like some ruffles, not a lot. But that purple dress above is really nice.
paulina     10/17/14
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I've updated My Closet. Check it out!
I've updated My Closet. Check it out!
I found another great bag at the thrift store! Coach for $7!!!!
I will take the bag please....better yet, take me to the thrift store!:-)

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