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Emily Katz

ith a signature piece called the "Wow Raincoat", how could you not notice the work of Emily Katz, out of Portland, Oregon. She wanted something that could transition from work to play, was made from sustainable materials, and wasn't an REI jacket. The "Wow Raincoat" was born, and it now leads her line of clothing and accessories with the same philosophy in mind.
"It's so rainy, so I designed a rain coat that was more fashionable, as well as water and wind resistant", Emily Katz told us. It sounds simple, but the result was fabulous enough that top boutiques in the Northwest and Fred Segal in Los Angeles picked it up. And, Emily Katz is only in her second season as a designer.

All production happens in Portland, Oregon, where she lives, so Emily draws on the Northwest aesthetic of comfort and play, a touch of natural sexiness, and her art background to develop pieces that become "must-haves". Her collection includes modern classics like comfy cowl necks, wrap dresses with an edge, and capelets that keep you warm. Practically each piece is something you can slide into and look effortlessly fabulous.

Emily relies on materials such as soy jersey, hemp/recycled poly denim, poly microfiber and organic cotton fleece to create items that are kind to the earth and represent our ever-changing place in the environment. She strives for simplicity and elegance, but most of all, sustainability. Emily feels this is a growing niche for fashion, one that will be in more high demand as consumers become conscious of how their choices affect our world.

And always, all roads lead back to comfort in everything she designs. You'll never find this designer in a pair of really low-rise jeans.
I don't want to wear Patagonia all the time.
– Emily Katz
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I love pinstripes Melonee. I love pinstriped paints with suspenders and a pastel color shirt like light blue or even pink.
Daphne, What do you think about pinstripes? Anyone else?
I like the Event Style a lot. Thanks for the ideas!
Paulina I love to see the gowns at the Academy Awards. The gowns were mostly beautiful. None really bad that stood out.I really liked J-Lo's golden gown.

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