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Emilio Pucci has gloves for all seasons.

What do you think of these gloves?

You cannot beat Emilio Pucci when it comes to unique design and color combinations. Would you believe that he initally received international acclaim after Harper's Bazaar photographed his unusual streamlined ski outfit for a magazine spread? That was back in the 1950's and his vision and the phenomenon of Pucci, is still blazing bright in 2008.

Everyone will know when you adorn yourself with any of Emilio Pucci's designs, the prints are bright, bold, and signature to will receive compliments all day and night long. (And we are sure, that you will deserve it.)

Now for those of us that cannot wear the bold prints and the often snug fit of a Pucci designed garment, but love the look, we have a great option for you-gloves. Check out these amazing Pucci gloves. They can polish off any outfit and you actually welcome the snug fit!! fashionistas found these delightful gloves in a community members closet. We were so impressed by them that we had to share them with you. wants to know, what do you think of these gloves and who makes your favorite pair of gloves?

Here are a fabulous pair of colorful light weight gloves from Emilio Pucci. Tell us what you think ?

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Gloves for all seasons....Tell us what you think?

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