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Slavica Trifunoska

lavica Trifunoska designs striking hand-made crocheted bikinis, cover-ups and more. Her elegant style transcends the trends. Unique in design and feel, Slavica's designs have rightfully earned her several awards and recognition.
The amazingly talented Slavica Trifunoska was born in Ohrid, Macedonia and became highly interested in fashion at the tender age of six years old. One of the traditions of her home country is a handcraft known as ‘crochet’. Crochet is the method of working interlocking loops of thread together by means of a slender rod hooked at one end. Slavica’s grandmother and mother where experts in this craft and they passed their knowledge and skills down to their lovely Slavica. Some of Slavica's first crocheted pieces were purses, dresses, and home décor items. At a young age, Slavica and her family relocated to the United States, settling in Florida where she eventually began her journey in fashion.

She attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and as a student was very experimental with her designs. She found an unusual thread, and from it, had the idea of using it to create swimwear using the crochet technique she learned as a child back in Macedonia. Once inspired, Slavica created an entire crocheted collection, which was included in a school fashion show. It was a distinctively different fashion experience, and the crochet swimwear was fantastically well received by the audience.

Slavica began her crochet line which included beach cover-ups, tunic tops, cocktail dresses and even wedding gowns. She soon began selling her line named 'Slavica' in local stores in Broward and Dade County. Trifunoska's designs were so well received she decided to open her own store, Boutique Lavi, which is located in Historic Downtown Hollywood, Florida. In addition to her own designs, the unrivaled boutique offers unique collections and labels from European and local designers.

Slavica is highly recognized in South Florida having introduced her exceptional designs at exclusive local night clubs and renowned fashion events. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she received several awards and recognition, including “Future Designer”, “Best Couture Collection for 2004”, “Best Swimwear Collection for 2004”, “JP Best Student Designed Collection” and more. In January 2007 Slavica displayed her Resort Wear collection at the Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week (FTL Moda). And in November 2007, Slavica, her new women's and men's line was shown at the impressive LuxLife Fashion Evolution in Fort Lauderdale.
Life is too short to blend in, have your own style and be unique.
– Slavica Trifunoska
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