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he Gwen Beloti line is built on the theory that today's woman aspires to be classic but trendy. To be edgy yet tasteful and distinctive while still collective. This line is designed to do but one thing and that is to flatter and compliment. GB designs bring you incessant intros of novelty ô.
Gwen Beloti is a psychologist by degree and a passionate fashion designer by trade. Born and raised in New York City she has always had a passion for fashion. She's sported the vintage and the contemporary, the conservative and the funky. GB designs emerged by way of Beloti's desire to fuse these opposing genres. Shortly after completing a Master's Degree in Psychology she ventured into the world of design. Today, Gwen devotes her time to creating pieces that harmonize with the fashionable woman. Gwen shares with the story of how it all began.

For as long as I could remember I have loved fashion. I always had to have what was "in" at the time and then remix it to make it my own. I became interested in fashion since elementary school as early as the age of 8 when my mother started letting me pick out my own clothes. The very first thing I made for myself was a simple t-shirt that I cut up and bleached, and all of a sudden it went from bland to fabulous. That shirt was the first of many other things I would change to make my own. Some of the designs I came up with were criticized by some and complimented by others. That was a beautiful thing though; if everyone likes your outfit then there is nothing special about it. I learned to hand sew when I was a teenager. I just learned to machine sew only recently at the age of 24. My mother first introduced me to the sewing machine and was the first person to show me how to thread the machine and do a basic stitch. She had taught herself to sew many years before but had put it away for over fifteen years. She was so excited to pull the sewing machine back out to teach me a few things. It brought back memories of her making garments for herself so that they would fit her the way she wanted. That taught me the importance of staying true to your style and to do whatever you have to do to achieve it.

As a teen, depending on what era of fashion was in, whether it was baggy clothes, or form fitting clothes, I always wore the latest fashions. I did, however have my own personal style though. I may not have recognized it at the time, but everyone else around me did. My mother would always say "Now that is something only you would wear" or "that looks so like you". Again, my choice of clothing and style was adored by many; my sorority sisters in college even gave me the nick name "material girl". Then of course there were some people who just didn't get it, who didn't get my style. I would have to say that's probably what I appreciated most, because itís not fashion to simply be liked by everyone else, appreciation is more important.

In my teenage years I would often buy clothes and turn them into my own, whether it be by layering different pieces or cutting them up and changing the entire look. I didn't start making my own clothing until about two and a half years ago. Since then I've designed for family and friends, and fans.

I have to say I've been all over between New Jersey and New York. I started at Fashion Design Training Studio in Newark; I also took courses at New York School of Design in New York. I've taken courses in Bergen New Jersey as well. Not to mention private lessons with former FIT Faculty members. My education has been a great one. It is always a good idea to move around and see and experience what others are doing. My very first fashion show was held at my home in my backyard. The invited guests were asked to give voluntary donations and a portion of the proceeds went to the Brooklyn Autism Center Academy. Though I didn't bring in a huge amount in donations, 50% was given to the cause of Autism.
GB designs materialized from my want to create designs that make a selection of boldly subtle statements.
– Gwen Beloti, Designer
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