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Rain King

nnovative. Funky. Bold. Eclectic. These are a few adjectives that describe fun-chic designs of “Kissed by Rain”.
Sewing at the astounding early age of six years old, Rain King was destined for greatness. Her Grandmother being a highly skilled seamstress, taught Rain everything she knows when it comes to fashion. The hobby that began just for leisure activity, turned into a dynamic lifestyle.

In early adolescence, while other young girls were trying to be "down" with the latest trends, Rain was creating them. At the age of thirteen she had her first fashion show, which set the path for her very bright future. Even though Kissed by Rain came about during her high school years, it wasn’t until 2006 that it became its own entity. When Kissed by Rain made its debut, it was an exclusive collection and only a few select items were in production.
Relentless, Rain had fashion shows at almost every college in New York, which prompted an amazing write up in Seventeen Magazine. As her popularity grew, she earned a following as well as much buzz, that claimed her to be the up-and-comer to watch out for.

Influenced by her ever changing surroundings, her pieces tell a story. Music definitely plays a role in her styles. Artists like MIA, Kelis, and Katy Perry give inspiration to her finished products. When asked who were some of her fashion icons that she admired? She replied “ Marc Jacobs, I call my husband. Coco Chanel is the Wife. The 3 children (which are rising star designers as well) are Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, and Tracy Reese (she would be the oldest Child).”

Seeing the end product before she begins anything, and not sketching or drawing her pieces out beforehand, sets her apart from the rest. Often compared to the icon Betsey Johnson and Heather Red, Rain is highly honored by the comparisons. Kissed by Rain is evolving into a household name on fashion planet and also has a charitable outlook on society. In January of 2009, there will be the official launch of Project Fashion, in the five boroughs, five designers will come together and choose five high school seniors, and one finalist will be given the ultimate Prom Fantasy. With a simple Kiss, its all about giving back.
When asked who were some of the fashion icons that Rain admired? She replied “ Marc Jacobs, I call my husband. Coco Chanel is the Wife. The 3 children (which are rising star designers as well) are Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, and Tracy Reese.
– Rain King
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I loved Taraji P. Henson as well. She looked flawless from head to toe. I also liked Jaimie Alexander, it was different and fun. What was Heidi thinking? Her dress was definitely my least favorite.
Hey what was your favorite and least favorite dresses from the Emmy's? One of my favorites was Taraji P. Henson and I'm sorry but Heidi Klum's dress was a hot mess!
And if you really want to be dapper in your suit, match the tie to a handkerchief. Your shirt can also be a bold color or print. Have fun with your outfits!
I think the tie is the one place the man can show some individuality and style, so I would say go ahead an wear vibrant colors or fun, funky prints, whatever. I think it would be fun!

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