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Battle of the Runway-II

ake it work are words that we are now very familiar with...And these emerging designers did just that! The Battle of the Runway took all on an international trip through the designs of designers native to Equador, Cuba, the Philippines and the United States itself. Follow us to the Seattle Center, a longtime cultural hub in Washington, for this premiere event bringing together fresh new looks from fresh new designers!
The judges were set back on their heels by the inclusion of not one but two crocheted lines. Dos Cubanas presented a resort wear line that brought down the house. The intricate and revealing swimwear, beachwear and dress line amazed viewers and judges alike with its quality design and craftsmanship. To top off their showy runway style, the designers included a crocheted parasol.

Twine Design, the three year old creation of Maisha Barnett, is a much different type of crochet-wear. Born out of a three hour lesson meant to while away time on a train ride, the line directly represents what the creator wants to wear each season. The creator began making items for herself in 2003, never following a pattern, and then launched the line after much demand in the late fall of 2005. Barrett creates each piece allowing her inspiration to drive the design. The line is very seasonal, focusing on headwear and scarves in the Fall and Winter and shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories, including handbags, belts, necklaces and bracelets in the Spring/Summer. Barnett's developing design philosophy follows her personal philosophy: to not follow trends, create things she loves and enjoys and focus on wearable clothing for real women. Twine's vibrant colors and nubby textures make crave crisp Fall days. Maisha believes that the ideal Twine customer is confident and fun-loving -- with these designs, agrees!

To view or purchase Twine Designs, visit their MyCloset closet.
"Make the world a little prettier; wear Twine."
– Maisha Barnett
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Yes Cuz, you look great. Please send me some workout tips!
Wow. Moniette, you are in amazing shape! You must live in the gym!
What is everyone wearing for the 4th of July? I have a couple of options. I will post because I can't decide which one to wear. I will create of couple of outfits hopefully you all will tell me which you like.
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