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nna Livermore understands the pride every woman feels when they hear that well-earned question: That’s amazing; where did you get that? V. Mora’s spring 2009 collection promises every woman that pride, combining bold colors with classic cuts for women who want to be noticed.
The new V. Mora collection will help women escape from the cookie-cutter, shapeless styles that are ubiquitous today by introducing unique and bold pieces that infuse a modern, playful take on the classic cuts that best flatter women’s figures. V. Mora’s eye-catching, funky color palate for Spring 2009 updates and redefines the classic, inviting contemporary women to embrace Spring’s vitality and show the world they are fearless and fierce when it comes to dressing up or down.

V. Mora is the creative arm of the designer, seasoned buyer, and fashion enthusiast Anna Livermore. Every piece is designed with the consumer in mind and offers high quality at a reasonable price. The V. Mora apparel line provides unique and bold pieces for confident women not afraid to take a risk and be noticed. As Anna says, “With confidence a woman can pull off just about anything-and my new line will give them that confidence. My pieces offer an array of colors and silhouettes that flatter women of all shapes and sizes.”

V. Mora reflects Anna’s sense of style and creativity. A careful observer of the world around her, Anna looks to the urban sidewalk for inspiration on many of her pieces. And she has the experience to pull it off. Always a fashion entrepreneur, her first major gig was providing her entire 2nd-grade class with uniquely designed paper poodle skirts for a 50’s inspired dress up day. She continued to sketch, design and sew her way through a degree in fashion design at Columbia College in Chicago. Following graduation, she became a buyer for a hot local boutique where she learned the 'ins and outs' of the business side of the industry. She completed extensive research on upcoming trends and shopped not only for the store, but for the women who would eventually wear the clothes. Tired of seeing the same cuts over and over, she saw a place where she would bring value and fit into the fashion picture. Anna then put together her own collection that combined vibrant, modern colors with classic cuts.
A woman can pull off anything with confidence.
– Anna Livermore
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