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Veronica Wong

ugar Blush jewelry is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are beautiful, yet affordable. Veronica's designs reflect a timeless beauty with an individual flair.
Maria Veronica Wong, an Ecuadorian entrepreneur, was born and raised in the coastal city of Guayaquil in the tropical region of South America. She moved to the United States to attend the University of Miami, Florida where she graduated in 2005 with a major in Finance. She then studied at the Art Institute of Miami with the goal of becoming a Fashion Accessory designer. She graduated in 2007 and later that year began working on her dream. Veronica recalls, "I first became interested in fashion as soon as I could make my way into my mother's closet, I must have been 5 or 6 when me and my cousin would play dress up in my mother's clothes and shoes, then we would dress my baby sister up, and of course afterwards we would top it with some ultra 80's eyeshadow and pink lip stick". Because of her antics with fashion, her family knew she was beginning to create her own style.

When asked what was the first piece of jewelry she ever made, Wong replied, "The first thing I ever designed was a best friends bracelet that I gave my sister, made up with plastic beads and cube letters that spelled her name. I made one for myself as well. In a more "professional" aspect I made my first 7 strand bracelet when I was attending business school in Miami, I had this shirt I wanted to wear to a party. I had been looking for some jewelry of specific colors to go with the shirt. After going to different stores and having no luck, I decided I was going to make it myself! I did and it was a complete success and that week I had 10 classmates of mine ordering some jewelry for themselves."

Sugar Blush Jewelry is the beginning of a broader project called Sugar Blush Designs which will incorporate Wong's knowledge of design, pattern-making and understanding fashion trends. She will create a complete line of fashion accessories; including jewelry, handbags, shoes and small leather goods.
Fashion has a different meaning for everyone, I think fashion is anything that makes you feel sexy, confident, and that resemble your individual style.
– Veronica Wong
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