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Suzanne Jaberg

uzanne Jaberg's designs have been described as innovative and feminine yet classic. A hit amongst fashionistas looking for emerging designers, Suzabelle was recently named “the Seattle Coat Queen" by the Seattle Times.
Suzanne Jaberg, or Suzabelle, as her parents call her, grew up in British Columbia where she worked towards a BA in Biological Sciences, intending to continue on the road to medical school. While studying physics and biochemistry, she was continuously drawn to imaginative side projects from large-scale paintings to graphic design and classical music composition.

Upon relocating to Seattle, she soon found herself surrounded by a flourishing art and music scene and was swiftly swept up in the DIY movement of the late 90's, re-tailoring vintage dresses to create high-end one-of-a-kind eveningwear for friends. Working with these incredibly constructed vintage pieces, Suzanne developed a penchant for complex tailored details and vintage influences that continue to inspire her designs today. Suzabelle was founded in the spring of 2005 by Canadian-born designer, Suzanne Jaberg. Now based in Seattle, Washington, the company has developed from a small creative project into a popular and elegant line found in about 80 exclusive boutiques across the US and Canada.

We at Suzabelle believe what comes around goes around, even in business. Our goal is to provide better living wages and work environments for women in smaller, lesser-developed communities. Our production manager visits our manufacturers daily to ensure everything is running smoothly and that all aspects of development, from fabric manufacturing and dying- to cutting and sewing, are conducted in a socially responsible manner. We use natural fiber materials and dyes whenever possible and source our fabrics and tailors within the same community. We are familiar with everyone involved in the process of development from start to end and pay top dollar for their work.
I'm a science geek and love anything to do with astrophysics, microbiology, even mathematics. I also happen to love pretty things. I'm not really sure how I ended up as a designer instead of an astronaut... I followed opportunity, I suppose
– Suzanne Jaberg, Designer
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