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Claudia and Catalina Pieschacon

leo & Cat jewelry is rich in detail designed from imagination and whimsy into often oversized attention-getting shapes that canít be seen anywhere else. This dynamic duo consists of sisters with artistic talent and a history rich in art and fashion.
Claudia and Catalina Pieschacon, talented sisters, have come together to form their incredibly exquisite and unique jewelry company, Cleo & Cat Jewels. They have always shared a love of art, design, fashion, color, texture, and creativity that can be seen in their remarkably similar backgrounds. Claudia (Cleo), an interior designer, artist, and sculptor graduated from the New York School of Interior Design in New York City. Catalina(Cat), received her Textile Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology also in Manhattan, and worked as a designer for Polo Ralph Lauren for five years. Born artists, both sisters joined forces to create dynamic and one-of-a-kind pendants, rings, cuffs, and brooches molded entirely by hand with precious and semi-precious stones, clay, silver and gold,and other natural materials into wearable works of art.

Each sister shares with how they evolved into the talented designers that they are today. Claudia- 'My interest for fashion/art began at an early age. I always wanted to let my creative spirit lead the way of my actions, bringing as a result painted walls in my house, modifying my motherís wardrobe my way, and even cutting my own hair. There was always the thought of thinking there had to be more exciting ways to do everything besides the conventional ones."
Catalina-"My interest for fashion and art peaked at an early age as well. I was always playing dress up and exploring new ways to express my creativity. I used to love to change my room around by moving the furniture or inventing fun little projects with my friends."
When asked about the first thing they designed or created, Claudia reminisces, "The first thing that I created was a painting for my Art class exhibit in Venezuela. When I saw people's positive reaction to it I felt I had to continue exploring my talents." And Catalina remembers, "The moment I knew I had a passion for something was in my high school art class. I had a great teacher who immediately saw I had a talent for drawing and painting. I painted an Andy Warholesque self portrait that was highly praised and entered into a contest. This is was what triggered everything creative that happened after in my life."
Our inspiration comes from the intricate details found in nature such as a petal of a flower, a raindrop on a leaf, the bark of a tree, to the shape of a cloud. Our process is very organic, we never sketch prior to molding the jewelry.
– Claudia and Catalina Pieschacon
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