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The Fierce Producer Kandi Burruss

Looking and feeling good!

Kandi Burruss, the multiple 'number one' song writer for Pink, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Usher, NSYNC, Boys 2 Men, Destiny's Child, Alicia Keys, TLC and now Kim Zolciak, is fierce. Kandi has great style and she knows how to treat a friend.

Kandi's hot new venture involving Kim Zolciak, one of the housewives from the hit television series, Real Housewives of Atlanta, has taken all by surprise. Not only is Kandi Burruss one of the housewives on the show but Kandi has also produced Kim Zolciak's single called, 'Tardy for the Party' (and we believe that this is only the beginning of their party).

So, to get this party started right, let us know what you think of Kandi's style pictured here? And are these party duds or what? wants to know.....

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I love white shorts so I am loving this outfit on Kandi.
Daphne     7/5/12
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