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with Rocko from Los Angeles

How long have you been collecting these items?
For about 20 years.
Give us a little background on your collection
My collection of clocks are from all around the world. I have even taken special trips oversees to search for and purchase antique clocks. My prized collection pictured here ranges from the 1600's to 1900's. Photographed is only a portion of my collection but it is a good representation of my style.
How did you develop an interest in this particular collection?
I loved the old metal design workers and that turned me on to E.F. Caldwell. He was an artist of ornamental metal works. This lead me to the world of antique clocks.
What approach did you take in starting this particular collection?
When I started collecting, there was not an internet presence so I had to travel, use the telephone, read reference books and wait for materials delivered by the old UNITED STATES POSTAL service to collect information. Once I felt satisfied with my knowledge, I then started to go to certain antique shows, art galleries, auctions and even small antique shops to grow my collection. I stopped going out as much and saved lots of cash to invest in my collection. Also, the women love my passion!
What are your favorite specialty items in your collection?
The E.F. Caldwell clocks-the detail work is amazing.
What other collections or hobbies do you have?
I also collect unique watches and first edition books. I love this site and the ability that is has given me to share my collections. Look for more from me in the future. Thank you
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