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Charday Fields

harday Field's design style is dramatic. Her designs are characterized by its theatrical flair. She loves to take risks by using colors and dramatic design elements. Charday takes inspiration from different time periods and different cultures and creates pieces that don't limit her to a particular style.
Charday Fields was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in both Jacksonville, Florida and the Niagara Falls area in New York. Charday only recently became interested in fashion design due to the ever popular fashion design show, Project Runway. She had always been into costuming and theatre, but watching the reality show that launched careers inspired her to enter fashion school.

Charday remembers, "My first attempt at sewing was probably during or right after high school. I remember my mother trying to teach me and I laugh about it now because I didn't realize you had to put the presser foot down in order to sew a straight line. I was very confused. However, my grandmother helped teach me to sew more and I decided to go into theatre at The University at Buffalo. There weren't a lot of costuming opportunities there, so I talked to my grandmother to help me decide if I would go to fashion school. At the time I was scared that I wouldn't get the hang of measurements and whatnot because I'm a perfectionist. I later decided to go to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and I've come a long way."
Make sure you do everything right. I don't want to put my name in something I wouldn't want anyone to see.
– Charday Fields, Designer
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Yes Cuz, you look great. Please send me some workout tips!
Wow. Moniette, you are in amazing shape! You must live in the gym!
What is everyone wearing for the 4th of July? I have a couple of options. I will post because I can't decide which one to wear. I will create of couple of outfits hopefully you all will tell me which you like.
This is from a recent photo shoot

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