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The Night Life


The Night Life

Manhattan , New York

Breaking Ground with Fashion

Thinking outside the box is important when it comes to fashion. Start a new trend or embellish an old one. Just do IT!

The Night Life: Breaking Ground with Fashion

Fashion and style is always what you make of it. We in the world of fashion learn from each other and take direction from the times in which we live. So take a seat on the world train, and relax while viewing the fresh, new and sometimes 'outlandish' fashion trends. Use your imagination and either go with the trend or create the trend yourself. Add your own special touch to what you see or subtract as you see fit. A keen eye for detail is the key and thinking outside the box is often considered 'noble' in the wonderful world of fashion!

Simply take those multiple necklaces you have hanging around, as long as they are carefully layered and are in fine shape, you can get away with embellishing a high cut dress or a very low cut shirt with these additions. Try it out and pile the pieces on until you get that 'Chanel style' look. To get ideas, examples are displayed on the home page. Want to be trendy and rock the French look? Itís easy; just use one of those hats that you bought on sale. Then place it on, tweak it to the side, and voila you have added instant French style to your look. Or, grab a tie and add it as an accessory to almost any look. You donít have to knot it, the tie will also work just placed dangling around your shoulders. And, men... do not be shy as you too can wear a tie! The gallant look appeals to all.

Wondering about crazy and colorful glasses? Merely put them on with an accent color to match or contrast. We all love to compliment 'wild and crazy' trends so give it a try one night. Themed jackets and shirts are always show- stoppers. If you go bright, then go for it. Bright ideas and colors work wonders for all. If you are feeling a little more demure, then lean towards the greys or deep subtle colors. Your statement will remain chic and youíll stay on trend. Make sure that you flaunt your best assets, but remember; your accessories can make or break any version of any trend that you aspire to achieve. Check out the M.C. Storefronts and the MC SaleFronts for purchase opportunities and style ideas! We are here to keep you inspired and on top of your style game! Guys and Dolls alikeÖ



Wide & Flare Leg Pants

Welcome back flare and wide leg pants, oh how some fashionistas have missed you!

Thanks to the resurgence of seventies fashion, the wide and flare leg pants trend is back! While the slim fitting look is still available, we at are seeing more and more flared and wide leg pants in stores and on the runway. The current cut is tailored and sleek, helping a fashionista stand out in a crowd looking sexy and stylish. Some looks resemble bell bottoms, some are exaggerated and some are so slight you can hardly notice the flare. No matter the look though, women of all shapes and sizes are running out to update their wardrobe with wide and flare leg pants. Need an update yourself? Check out the MC StoreFronts or MC SaleFronts to see what you can add to your wardrobe.



We Got the Blues!

Blues come in a variety of different shades and hues. And these uplifting bold colors have nothing to do with being down.

The sky, the ocean and captivating blue eyes all encompass the beauty of the color blue. Use those inspirations to add this magnificent color to your wardrobe. There is a shade for everyone! From baby blue pastels to cobalt, turquoise and teal to deep navy, there is bound to be a blue hue that fits you! Shop the M.C. StoreFronts to find just the right shade of blue.
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