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Ayesha Ibrahim

yesha Ibrahim is an electrifying, radiant designer from the island of Barbados; her designs are glamorous, enticing and romantic while maintaining a true Caribbean vibe.
With an exotic background, her mother being from the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados and her father hailing from Tanzania, Africa; Ayeshas rich heritage and culture is evident in her elegant designs. Growing up in Barbados she always had an eye for style and fashion. At the age of 16 Ayesha began modeling, undertaking various print and runway projects. Those experiences opened her eyes to the intense world of fashion and the variety of avenues this industry had to offer. At the age of 20 Ayesha relocated to Miami, Florida to pursue her Bachelor of Business with a focus on International Business but throughout her studies she kept her eye on fashion and its trends and as a result began styling various clients located in the Caribbean and United States. It was on completion of her first degree that Ayesha encountered a revelation, realizing that she was not expressing herself fully as the artist she is.

Such a realization pushed Ayesha to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts with a focus on Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco , California and as a result create her brand, the definition of all things that embody a woman, ASMI take me as I am.
...I wanted them to wear a brand that defined them as I saw them, as strong, independent, intellectual, beautiful women. I want them to wear ASMI.
– Ayesha Ibrahim, Designer
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