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Nathaneal Harkham

here are many ways to make your mark in today’s world and Nathaneal Harkham has found a way true to himself. He speaks loud and people can hear it, well actually people can see it. Cheeky Brand is for those who want to stand out in a crowd and live life a little on the dangerous side.
Cheeky Brand was the brainchild of Nathaneal Harkham. Started in 2002 it was created as an alternative company, a company unafraid not to conform to accepted/expected business norms. From the way we deal with our customers to the personal touch of our orders (hand written notes, free promotional items).

Cheeky Brand is not just a T-Shirt but hand drawn art that uses a T-shirt as a canvas. Our T-shirts are made with love.

Nathaneal Harkham is the designer. Working for Jonathan Martin/Hype gave him his background in the fashion industry but it’s his imagination & creativity which give Cheeky Brand its personality.

Witty double meanings and hand drawn pictures on self designed T-shirt silhouettes, all made from the softest cotton placed Cheeky in a class all its own. No more same. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.


Cheeky brand… who would’ve thought! Definitely not me. The name comes from the word “cheeky” which means naughty… almost rude. It’s a word that I heard a lot growing up in Australia- I was a hand-full to say the least.

I’ve always loved to draw and my family has always been in the fashion industry. I decided I wanted to make T-Shirts but not just T-Shirts- I wanted to make statement pieces. I noticed that novelty T-Shirts were usually done on general blanks and the T-Shirts that were designed and well made were usually solids so I wanted to combine the quality of the solid with the uniqueness of novelty.

I look at my T’s not as a product to sell and make money off. But as an artistic expression of myself- conveying a very real thought or emotion. Sure, this is my livelihood, but if I was in it for the money I’d be better off selling real estate (thanks Dad).

All my styles are designed and created by me… I love them all- they’re not shirts. They’re pieces of me. Not corporate. Not a building of computers and answering machines. Just an idealistic small company that believes fashion is about artistic integrity not conforming to trends and main stream brands.

I say stand for something, say it loud. Make your statement, wear it cause you mean it.

I AM cheeky.
I say stand for something, say it loud. Make your statement, wear it cause you mean it.
– Nathaneal Harkham
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