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Carmen Electra

An Insider's Look at Carmen's World

ormer Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra now struts with a troupe called the “Bombshell Babes.” She’s an equal opportunity seductress. Think rock n’ roll beauty queen with earthy sensibilities who can just as easily travel down the red carpet or Route 66 in a convertible. These days, it seems that her dual nature extends far beyond her wardrobe.
According to various celebrity news sites and papers, Electra – who recently divorced male rocker Dave Navarro is very good friends with female rocker Joan Jett. Electra starred in Jett’s video “A.C.D.C,” where Jett, in a black bra and leather pants, belts:
“ACDC, she’s got some other lover as well as me. ACDC, she’s got some other fella as well as me.”

We’ve got no comment on what Carmen's doing when her clothes are off, she is presently with Rob Patterson, but has gotten some great fashion thoughts from Carmen:

Carmen: In your closet, you should always have at least one pair of black, closed-toe, two to three inch heels-they go with anything, even jeans; A pair of slimming, dark denim jeans is a must. The cut and waist don’t matter…as long as they fit like a glove. And, sexy panties; lacy, leopard print, G-string. You name it. They can even be cheap, as long as they make you feel naughty under even the most conservative attire. They are an instant confidence booster, not to mention your very own dirty little secret.
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