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Kelly Kel

We like to point out exceptional closets when they contain interesting and unique items we know that our other members may enjoy. Our Fashionistas are loving Kelly Kel's closet because of the wonderful colorful items that she has and for her unique variety . Check our her vibrant palette of fun clothing, sparkly shoes and striking accessories. We love the pinks and Kelly Kel has a hot pink handbag and hat that would tickle anyones the way this fashion diva also designs a line of colorful fun caps.

KelHatz is the brain child of Kelly Kel. She has a wonderful line of hats that she designs and you can view her personal collection right here on Not only does she have great and creative design sense but her taste in fashion is whimsical, bright, carefree and spot-on! We are showing some member love to her outstanding closet.
Kelly Kel's personal collection of her designer hat line- 
We love a good print and these shoes are colorfully unique! 
Hot pink is a color that is great with most solids. 
This black tank is adorned with Kelly Kel' colorful self-portrait. 
These vibrant mules are just adorable! 
Check out these colorful gemed shoes-one of a kind. 
A few one of a kind hats Kelly Kel created for her line. 
Hot Pink in a hat is a great attention grabber! 
We cannot overlook her wonderfully colorful shoes. The bright graphic printed pumps are exceptional. The colors pop against the white background and are standouts for our Fashionistas.

Having fun with what you wear is a must and Kelly Kel shows you how. For a change up and to brighten up your attire, we suggest you take a queue from Miss Kelly Kel and add some beautiful bright colors to your wardrobe. Whether you bring the color accent with an accessory or as your main piece of clothing-bring it. It will be worth it!


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