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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
$1? I didn't know that was possible! Great work.
Holly   3/4/09  
OMG you are the master at finding thrift store bargains. Do you take a lot of time, hunting through I mean? I'm not sure I have the patience.
carolejwebb   3/2/09  
Daphne, the pictures of myself that are at the side of the outfits are photos saved as outfits.
AmethystJean   2/26/09  
Daphne, your blog is inspiring. Love all your photos, especially of Ozzie.
Morgan   2/25/09  
Sorry for the delayed message. Hmm, winter I mostly rock sweaters and the 2 jackets I have listed right now. The North Face jacket is MUCH warmer, of course.
frostino   2/24/09  
I love that halter hoodie and those Obama jeans are too crazy!!LOL
jbuttons   2/23/09  
I'm a fan of the halter hoody as well. I bet it looks great on you!
Holly   2/23/09  
Love the new halter shirt. I am still soooo envious of your finds.
Melonee   2/21/09  
Yes, I do make them myself. They are made of Swarovski Crystals, Pearls and Glass Beads. Check out my website. I do sell online.
paigemelton   2/19/09  
You should really try and become a better shopper.:-) I sooo envy you!
Melonee   2/16/09  
Allright! Where's the picture? I have a new mustard bag that I will try to post this weekend :)
carolejwebb   2/13/09  
What good thrift store finds!
AmethystJean   2/12/09  
I think that you are on a streak...the thrift finds are amazing!
Melonee   2/12/09  
The newest white top is cool. I bet it looks fab on you!
Holly   2/11/09  
Love the Dolphin wedges. You are a great fan to have:-)
Melonee   2/8/09  
I want all of your 'thrift' finds!!!
Melonee   2/8/09  
Great job on the furniture redo. You went to London? It's one of my favorite cities. Can't wait to see the pics.
Holly   2/8/09  
What great new photographs of the little beauty...and boy, your shot glass collection is great-what about London?:-0
Melonee   2/8/09  
oops YES it is a giraffe print. Thanks. It is by I can't find a brand name on it but I bought it on ebay.
carolejwebb   2/7/09  
I love the new dress that you purchased from the M.C. Storefronts. It is so YOU!
Melonee   2/5/09  
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