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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
I have plenty of sweaters but there aren't pics of them online anymore and I just haven't been takin my own pics of my gear.
frostino   2/5/09  
I just went through your favorites and, where is OBAMA?
EDDYE   1/26/09  
That is a nice bar set...did you get your birthday dinner?
EDDYE   1/26/09  
Hi, when is your birthday, it was two days ago, right? Happy birthday! Mine was on Jan11th. We both were born in January and I think that you like Oprah, too? And I gave a birth to my daughter almost two years ago in Florida, where you live, although I live here in Europe, can you imagine? What a coincidence! You seem like a very nice person and I just love Fl! Are you in a fashion business, too?
BrankaRoklicer   1/22/09  
Happy Birthday! Tomorrow, right? I hope you and your Obama jeans have a fabulous day!
Holly   1/19/09  
Hi Daphne! Thanks for the nice comments. I am a sucker for animal prints. I will be adding more stuff soon.
carolejwebb   1/16/09  
Hey, Thanks! I'm trying to figure out my next color/cut incarnation....I like having the photos in such an easily accessible place -- and not taking up space in my condo!
Holly   1/15/09  
Hey Daphne!! I love your designs. Check out my closet and tell me what you think,
bezstylz   1/10/09  
Hello Daphne and thank you on your kind comment about my designs! I am so glad you like my clothes! I need a little help since you are the only one who has written to me, I don't quite understand what is that you people do on this site, I read about outfits and I don't know how to create one or how to connect with other people, so advise me, please! Thank you once again, hope hearing from you soon! Happy holidays! P.S. Your niece Briana is ADORABLE, how old is she? My daughter is 21 month old and I just adore kids, I have a feeling that this we have in common!
BrankaRoklicer   1/7/09  
Love the Ed Hardy sweater...I could never pull that off!
christinec   12/22/08  
Hey you, I think that you have great taste. I love the LAVA lamp!
Melonee   12/18/08  
Wow thanks! I have so much more to add...I am a little bit of a shopping addict!
lilybelle   12/14/08  
All right...let's see if we can't find you some cute jackets that aren't business-y and are short sleeved....I really wished I lived in a warmer climate! Can I come on vacation? ;)
AmethystJean   12/6/08  
Okay, you can have the Juicy track suits ;) I would love to wear that when travelling, when I would want to be as comfortable as possible.

I know you don't have much "business" per se, but that doesn't mean you can't wear jackets! Look for more casual ones - I know you like my navy blazer outfit. And the bonus is casual jackets can be cheaper than suits. If you want to add any of the polyvore items to your wardrobe (wish list) you can download the pictures from my photobucket.
AmethystJean   12/3/08  
Hello Daphne,I really think that you have some fun jewelry and clothing. I have asked that people help me make some outfits and I will also try and make some fun outfits for you.
Claudia   11/30/08  
Dressy casaul -note the perfect jeans
AmethystJean   11/29/08  
A night out outfit with style and sophistication
AmethystJean   11/29/08  
Here's a casual outfit instead of those subcasual tees and faded jeans
AmethystJean   11/29/08  
I've created you a polyvore (the first of many) for business attire. Note a more shaped jacket, the essential pencil skirt and a pop of colour for personality.
AmethystJean   11/29/08  
Hey! Ive been meaning to call you to ask you something. Give me a call I changed my number 305-275-4423!!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving Daph! =)
Krystal Ariel   11/28/08  
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