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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
Okay, I've started to look through the wardrobe. Look for a long message on chatter.
AmethystJean   11/27/08  
Sweet score on that zebra belt!
AmethystJean   11/27/08  
Love the mannequins!
Melonee   11/26/08  
Hi, Daphne - The straw bag is a score from Marshall's. It's cuter in person. Plus since it was so cheap, I don't mind when it gets sand all over it...
Holly   11/17/08  
of course!
alex   11/16/08  
so far nothing exciting has happened. Just wanted to let you know! haha! miss you!
alex   11/13/08  
Hi, Daphne - I have a collection of dogs, so I'm not sure...Diesel - labrador, Cindy - aging Queen of the house, Delilah - maltese, Very Pomeranian - Pomeranian foster dog. Hey, if I get a few more, maybe I can get a collector's feature :-)
Holly   11/11/08  
ooooo Daphneeeee!!!! haha! i miss you too! I am super busy....I'm an intern at the hospital now so I spend all my time there! I will try and remember to fill you in on anything exciting!! xoxo
alex   10/29/08  
Hi, Daphne -

Change your settings or add me to your clique and I'll be able to do it!
Holly   10/28/08  
Thanks for the outfit! I still can't build you one....but I've got a great one in mind.
Holly   10/28/08  
you know i had to show my humorous side! haha!
alex   10/27/08  
Hi, Daphne -

I was going to build you an outfit, but there seems to be a glitch?
Holly   10/27/08  
I see that you have updated your wardrobe.
Melonee   10/14/08  
Hello Daphne,
thank you so much for your nice comment! I am glad... no, I am thrilled that you like my jewelry!
Have a great day.
LolaVanLoo   10/14/08  
Love the blog....I am going to post about it on Commuity Chatter!!!!
Melonee   10/13/08  
Thank you Daphne. Ignore the new wardrobe photograghs, I am just testing the uploader.
Melonee   10/12/08  
thanks for the comment! If I lived in Ft Lauderdale I could wear my skirts year round--I'm jealous!
charlotteannette   10/8/08  
I love the 'new' photograph in your wardrobe.
RCH   10/5/08  
Thanks for the comment! I think you have a great sense of style...keep it up! ;0)
gotfashion?   9/18/08  
not much you know just life! i miss you! we should go to dinner one night! u know what u need ma'am! u need a facebook! seriously. but other than that just trying to make sure i can graduate in december!! so im making all of my life decisions...ah! u have my number call me! xxoo
Michelle   9/17/08  
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