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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
I know you enjoyed my New York Pictures and now I have more in my closet from my trips to Bulgaria and Greece!
elizadolittle12   9/10/08  
Daphne!!!! Thank you so much for everything! I have found a new passion with this site. And I cant wait to go shopping just to upload more clothes!!!!! Take care darling! Ill see you soon.
Krystal Ariel   8/31/08  
Thank you so much. A lot of my clothes are from!
Have a great day!
jeanettd   8/28/08  
so, long over due im going to up date my page this weekend! woohoo! andddd just because i thought of u! i uploaded 3 new pictures of peyton to my family album! u will not believe ur eyes! hes so sweet and cute it will make u sick! ((ina good way)) well miss u bunches,maybe megahn jenn u and i can do dinner one night and a new photoshoot soon? if ur up to it and all. ms. super busy-extraordinary-woman!
well check out the pix and let me know! xxxxxooooo muahhh!
Michelle   8/27/08  
You have a great collection! I love your swimwear....
elizadolittle12   8/12/08  
Hi! Thanks for checking out my closet! I love your juicy belt and dooney burke bag :)
fk2123   7/24/08  
hi you! havent seen you in too long! miss you bunches! and guess what! my wonderful lil nephew is going to be one on the 10th of august! can u believe it! well miss you xxxxxooooo
Michelle   7/12/08  
Thanks for the vote, with your support and God's will I'll make it to Fashion week
Sanjeeda   7/7/08  
You outfits are set as private. I cannot view the invitation that you left in the community chatter. Please change your settings.
Claudia   6/27/08  
Thanks for coming to the show. I do them every year.
Jay R   6/19/08  
I'm glad you like my "Inspirations" idea...can't wait to see what you come up with. :)
Raquel   5/23/08  
Check out the new Zebra background color!   5/21/08  
Hello Darlin, I am showing my "Artsy" collection @ Brasas Lounge in P.Pines Sunday May 18th. 7-10 p.m
Hope to see u there. lol
Sanjeeda   5/13/08  
miss u love bug
Michelle   5/13/08  
Thank you so much for featuring me in the member spotlight! You make me look so hot. I LOVE IT! Muah!
Jessica   4/28/08  
Miss Daphne,
i do not have any finished pieces yet my sewing skills are limited..but i do have some skill. i am still working on that aspect of my career thank you for your feedback,tho.
mollymarie   4/12/08  
Thanks!I like your wardrobe..and your perfumes!!
Lilly   4/12/08  
Thanks, these are not even half of my shoes. I LOVE SHOES and shop every where from department stores to boutiques and online.
i4trends   4/9/08  
Hey Daphne! Call me plz :)
Alexandra   3/30/08  
Hey Daphne,

I am showing my collection on Saturday @ Gulf Stream.
I hope your feeling better
Sanjeeda   3/6/08  
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