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Hi all, enjoy My World and closet. It is a work in progress!!
– Melonee     10/15/07
No pony for the girls, but they can ride!!:-_)
Melonee   7/15/14  
OMG! Did you guys buy the girls a pony? How awesome!
Daphne   6/23/14  
Hey Mel, where is the open-knit top I gave you a couple of years ago? Do you still have it? I was trying to find it in your closet. I thought it looked really good on you.
Daphne   6/21/14  
Congrats Mel on your recital. Goddie is proud of you too. I hope Daddy recorded it so I can see!
Daphne   6/11/14  
My Godbabies are so beautiful and talented! Congratulations!
Daphne   5/27/14  
That is so cute. Your little one with the crazy hair.
Andrea   5/13/14  
Where is the photo of Mila in the dress???
Daphne   2/6/14  
I'm glad it's hot where you are. I am freezing here!
Daphne   1/16/14  
Love the cement portraits. How is it done?
Daphne   11/4/13  
Things are going great in Seattle. I love my new job and so happy to be here for Fall! I hope all is well on your end!
elizadolittle12   10/21/13  
Hey there!
thor   9/27/13  
I love the photos of the girls with the parasols. It makes me wish I was there to do a photo shoot with them to add to my portfolio.
Daphne   8/28/13  
Wonderful. I think that this is a great way to shop-or have other shop for you:-)
Melonee   8/14/13  
Thank you. I got my Wish List item and I love it! Great quality-surprising for the price. I'm definitely going to be ordering from them again.
Daphne   2/25/13  
Hello all, We are traveling but I am setting up to add many more photographs. I hope that you enjoy them.
Melonee   2/23/13  
Hope you guys had a happy thanks giving love you.
schella Rodgers   11/23/12  
Hey i lost your numbers. Can you give me a call so I can have it again. Hope everything is going well. Love you guys.
schella Rodgers   9/20/12  
Tell Melania I am proud of her too. Did you all video or record her piano recital?
Daphne   9/19/12  
Yes, te Dolphiin shirt comes in many sizes. You can find it by going to I think it comes in orange too!
Daphne   8/31/12  
OMG. The girls were so little! They grow way too fast. You will have teenagers on your hands before you know it!
Daphne   8/7/12  
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