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I am working towards a simple capsule wardrobe; 24 all-weather, 10 summer, and 10 winter pieces. Simple colors, and lasting pieces. It's a process, but I'm getting there.
– Homeschoolmama     6/17/19
Thank you for the ideas on winter wear. I'm going to the thrift store today! And by the way I love your vacation memories southwest pieces! That porcelain doll is beautiful.
Daphne   1/7/10  
Thank you for the outfit and congrats. I saw you in the Spotlight!
Daphne   1/5/10  
Thanks. I was grounded and had my computer taken away. My dad finally gave it back. I'm really skinny too, but I love my skinny jeans.
Lexy   12/21/09  
we have a very small fair here for 2 weekends. I went to a large one in Holly, MI this year. didnt dress up though. We'd have never fit our skirts into our luggage :)
VI   11/6/09  
Hello! My wardrobe is going to be in a constant state of updating for the next year or so as I make my way back to my college-weight. Suggestions & critiques are GREATLY appreciated!
homeschoolmama   11/5/09  
which Renn Fest do you go to? I find this entertaining...I also homeschool my teenager, she's never been to public school. well ok she has been in some of the buildings:)
VI   11/5/09  
sometimes painting the back side of the hair thing with "Shoe Goo" helps ( you should have this around fixes anything duct tape wont) I have found small silicone hairtyes with tiny flowers, the kind that wrap around each other-like the ball kind for kids, they can be worn under some of them and then you put the stick through the hair above the hairtye so that it doesnt show. I rarely use the normal wrap kind if Im only pulling part of my hair back because they always tangle.
VI   11/5/09  
Aww, thanks LC :) I'm pairing that sweater with the freakishly-pink top, but I've only worn it once so far. It's a bit out of my comfort-range to wear colors that bright, so I'm working on toning it down.
homeschoolmama   10/8/09  
Oooh, I really like your black/white argyle sweater. Congrats on meeting your goal, too!
LastCaress   10/2/09  
You're inspiring me! Love those blue plaid skimmers with the bow!
Morgan   9/11/09  
Thank you. I'm really into skinny jeans now, I have to get my aunt Daphne to take pictures of all of them so I can put them in my closet. Does your daughter like skinny jeans too?
Lexy   8/13/09  
Hello there, I think that it is awesome and you are in the right place. You will get a lot of help with putting things together. There are some great fashion mavens here.And free. I love it. Have fun and I will have fun with you. Cute family!
Melonee   8/12/09  
Congrats on the weight loss! How fun to find a whole new wardrobe! You were looking for suggestions on things with your tops... with the green flowy camisole top, a cute fitted jacket with a pair of nice fitting capris would be cute! And an oversized necklace! And possibly flats or sandals... too cute
jodyobie   8/7/09  
That's awesome that you found those clothes. I'm going to go fishing in my closet and see what I can find!
Daphne   7/30/09  
Congratulations on the new finds! I love when things like that happen!
Holly   7/26/09  
Like your hair accessories.
Melonee   7/26/09  
Thanks! I still have so much more to add but my camera has been having some problems!
elizadolittle12   7/22/09  
I love your free-spirited style. Those hair accessories are beautiful, and I'm really impressed with your hair and how you care for it. Congratulations on your progress, too!
LastCaress   7/22/09  
I like your style and just love your flats and shawls! Very cute!
elizadolittle12   7/20/09  
Good job on the bargain shoe shopping! I'm in a similar boat. All I have are heels, and I have been searching for some cute flats and wedges. You've inspired me to give it another shot!
Holly   7/20/09  
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