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"MY CLOSET" Always in progress.....
– Sanjeeda     8/11/08
I really like your elegant formal wear.
Cathy   9/15/08  
Any news for us?
Claudia   8/24/08  
I hope you make it to Fashion Week!
Claudia   7/4/08  
Good luck getting into New York Fashion Week! Your designs are great.
paulina   7/4/08  
i voted for you. Good luck!
Daphne   7/4/08  
Hi Sanjeeda,
I like the fashion show photos. Even if we can't make it to the shows, please keep putting the photos in there. Thank you.
Daphne   5/25/08  
Great, welcome and amazing fashions.
paulina   5/14/08  
We are going to try to have a representative at your show! Good luck and your designs are fabulous!!   5/14/08  
Hi Sanjeeda, If I don't make it to your show, be sure to take lots of photos so we can see your collection!
Daphne   5/14/08  
Hey Sanjeeda, your designs look awesome. keep in contact with me.
Jenvars   4/23/08  
Hi Sanjeeda, I actually performed last night at a fashion show. I wore a white flowy one-piece pantset. With a jewel neck halter.
Moniette   4/13/08  
Thanks :)
Lilly   4/12/08  
fabulous gowns!
Lilly   4/5/08  
your gowns look beautiful!
Alexandra   3/30/08  
Your designs are fabulous! I can't wait to see more.
Daphne   3/14/08  
"My CLOSET" coming soon....
Sanjeeda   3/6/08  
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