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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
hey thanks! I like your "closet" too lol...btw your jade necklace is AMAZING!!!!
lauraliz1986   3/5/08  
it's Ludmilla by the
Lola01   2/18/08  
Love the Bacardi collection.
Melonee   2/18/08  
Yes, you have an interesting mix of goods. Where do you shop?
Melonee   2/18/08  
10q!! :D
Gemma   2/16/08  
Hi...You have great jewelry pieces. I love everything in your closet. All you need are some pretty dresses. :)
Raquel   1/25/08  
Hello loverbuns! i miss you! when lifes not so insane we'll do the long awaited photoshoot! and have some fun! but guess what! mike and i and maybbeee jenn are goin to NYC next weekend! yay! hehehe can we say NYC MACYS! so i just wanted to say hi and make sure u know i miss you! <3 muahhhhh!! xxoo <3 michelle
Michelle   12/5/07  
hey i met u at bova on wed you had taken a pic of my friend n u still have that? lol
socialite   11/26/07  
Thanks! I made a new peice today that will split your wig back until you say the "F" word. Wut. Anyways, how's the project comming along?
Nephilim Muse   11/15/07  
Daphne i miss u its not the same...i dont get to see you all the time now like i used to!!!!
Meghan   11/12/07  
Hello there,
Welcome to my world and my closet. Stay tuned. There's more to come!
Daphne   4/10/07  
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