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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
Love those great thrift store and discount store finds.
paulina   6/4/12  
cute tops!
Melonee   6/2/12  
Hey Cuz, where is the new handbag you told me about? I don't see it in your closet yet.
Moniette   5/27/12  
Hi, Daphne. Thanks for stopping by my closet. I love your new birthday shoes.
Dreamz-n-Wishz   5/11/12  
Yeah the hair do is new... well newish. I've had it for a while but each time I take picts its a month in and the sides are grown in a bit LOL! I totaly forgot about updating a pict showing off my hair until the other day.
TigeressKitten   4/17/12  
Love those zebra shoes and your niece is adorable. Such a little show-off!
Toddra   3/11/12  
I am loving everything in your closet! Those shoes are adorable and I really like all your feather earrings.
Andrea   3/1/12  
I love those shoes! They are hot!
Moniette   2/24/12  
Forgot to mention that I love the VIDEO.The little star should be showcased!
Melonee   2/15/12  
Dear Daphne, I haven't been on here in quite some time--the only reason I got on today is that I was doing some research for a homework assignment & I am using mycloset as an example of creativity but I digress (sorry!)--I just saw your message from months back about my necklaces. Some of them are vintage & my mom let me have them, some are gifts from friends & family (I realize I am very lucky) and some of them I made myself. I love to make stuff when I am feeling broke and sorry for myself...anyways, I hope you are doing well & your photography is just awesome!
lightenup72   2/10/12  
Thanks :D
TigeressKitten   1/27/12  
Actually I was wrong... It was hot topic. But spencers has good hats to.
TigeressKitten   1/9/12  
The Harry Potter hat is from spencers I think. Although Hot topic might have it to. Sometimes their hat selections are almost the same LOL. Got it last year though so it might not be available in their stores anymore. Might be easyer to find on amazon or ebay
TigeressKitten   1/9/12  
We want to know if you have a Venice Shot Glass?
RCH   12/26/11  
You go with the weight loss...great!
Melonee   12/6/11  
Hello Everyone!I came across this vendor on Ebay with Amazing Henri Bendel Purses for up to 70% Off you should check it out! I got Four for myself!
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WindyChristine   12/4/11  
That is too bad about your trip. I feel you on the cold weather, its been in the 40s if not colder for a while now where I live.
elizadolittle12   11/22/11  
I think I got the purple leopard top at Dots. It was a while back though so they probably don't have it anymore. If I find something similar I can let you know.
TigeressKitten   11/4/11  
Nice new additions-love, love, love the shoes!
Melonee   11/2/11  
My little cousins are soooo cute! Miss you guys and South Florida!
Moniette   10/24/11  
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