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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
For those helping me with an outfit. It is just a friend, not a real date so nothing too sexy or tight-fitting-I'm too fat for that anyway right now! LOL! If you can find it in my closet even better-no budget for shopping right now. Thanks in advance.
Daphne   10/13/11  
I see the Wish LIST photographs:-)
Melonee   9/30/11  
Are your Wish List photographs placed up?
Melonee   9/30/11  
Thank you! I love your sweater collection!
RiotRix   9/26/11  
Thanks for the lovely comments. I may fall of the radar once in a while, but can't stop designing...
Sanjeeda   9/6/11  
Love your makeup organizing.
Andrea   9/3/11  
Those kids are just adorable. You should have had a couple yourself!
Cathy   8/23/11  
Aw! Such cute photos of your family!
TigeressKitten   8/23/11  
I do love my hat boxes! They are great for decoration but I also use as storage, which is nice since my place is pretty small!!
elizadolittle12   8/23/11  
Hello there, did you check out the new members closet, Erinmcross? She has fun tops. Check it out.
Melonee   8/9/11  
Great idea on the make-up storage.
Claudia   8/3/11  
I like the display thing you have for your bracelets.
Moniette   8/3/11  
I love the Sephora inspired brush holder. Very neat!
Cathy   8/3/11  
I like how organized your makeup and stuff is!
TigeressKitten   7/29/11  
What great accessory holders!
Melonee   7/28/11  
I love those new black shoes. I just noticed them!
Moniette   7/20/11  
You do look great!
Melonee   7/14/11  
Daphne, whatever you are doing is working for you. I saw you being profiled and you looked great in that white outfit. Keep on keepin' on!
lightenup72   7/13/11  
I have done a little shopping. When each season approaches I try to buy a few new items to update my closet! I actually have bought those gloves over the years. It can get pretty cold in Seattle, I have to make sure I have one for every outfit!!
elizadolittle12   7/8/11  
Hello Daphne this is Conde' I hope you didn't forget about me. I would love to have a moment to talk to you. Please contact me.   7/1/11  
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