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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
Hey Cuz, I love all of those thrift store finds. Where is your new Barack Obama shirt you told me about?
Moniette   6/23/11  
Nice news with the weight. You do look great in white!

Did you get a new shot glass from mommy?
Melonee   6/1/11  
Aw thank you! I LOVE your shoes! Well all your accessories really :)
genuinegem   5/29/11  
Great new goodies. Love the style of all.
Melonee   5/27/11  
Thanks... I'm Bob not Cheryl but I havent been up to date on this site because busy with all her other major things. You site here is very nice and once thanks again
barenfeld   5/21/11  
Thank you so much! It was definitely fun to put together, and she's still telling her friends about our special night.
homeschoolmama   5/18/11  
I did a little shopping for new winter items. I was spring cleaning and decided while going through my closet to finish taking pics of my wardrobe. I still need to upload some stuff. I did find some clothes I had not seen in a while so I feel like I have more new stuff!!
elizadolittle12   5/4/11  
WOW and double wow......
Melonee   4/30/11  
Wow-you rock a sexy shoe! Love the new Carlos Santana stilettos in your "Black" lookbook!
lightenup72   4/30/11  
You have done well grasshopper. I love your thrift store look book.
Toddra   4/28/11  
I wish I could find a thrift store like you!
Claudia   4/27/11  
I am loving all your new items. You sure know how to bargain shop!
Moniette   4/21/11  
Okay girl. I'm looking forward to seeing the new you. I know you can do it!
Cathy   4/11/11  
Really like the photographs of digifoto! Check them out:-)
Melonee   4/4/11  
I found a few white tops for you. I hope you like them.
Moniette   4/4/11  
very nice photos...

you will do well...

keep shooting..
digifotos   4/3/11  
hey,i looked and i love most of the stuff you have them shoes are rocking and them pictures are you a photografer or something of the sort I love carlton from fresh prince are you friends with him?
maria1975   3/31/11  
Tnx on comm...
I must say, you are so cute n' sexy and I can't belive youre age :)
I had a dog named Ozzie
Inanna   3/29/11  
How great for you to find that Chief Shirt. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? INCREDIBLE!
Melonee   3/22/11  
thanks for the advice Daphne :) sounds like a good plan, once I get started on this it will get much easier. Really liked looking through your collections of clothes, you have got great style :)
glow   3/16/11  
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