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This looks fun!
– Carolejwebb     1/5/09
I think it is fun too. I have two boys that keep me busy but this site helps me to keep order. I like your funny stuff and family pictures.
Claudia   3/28/09  
Hi Carole, believe or not I don't spend a whole lot of time. I actually love the hunt, but usually I very quickly find something. And most of the time I'm not really looking for anything in particular. I guess I'm just lucky or blessed with a good nose for bargains!
Daphne   3/20/09  
You have a lot of great shirts! Did you get any of them on eBay?
Morgan   3/6/09  
I'm not brave enough to wash suede, even if it says I can! I do a lot of shopping online too, or through catalogs. Never figured out eBay though.
Morgan   3/6/09  
Hi CaroleJWebb. We really love your closet. How would you like to be featured in our Member Spotlight! If interested, please send and email to and enter Spotlight in the subject area.   2/25/09  
I struck out shopping. Bargains everywhere and I just didn't find anything great. I think I need to focus on outfits in my closet and make lists of stuff I need. OR maybe I just need to give the shopping another shot!
Holly   2/24/09  
Great new photo of you! Like the hair and the bird. Wearing suede shoes when living on the edge of the rain forest is no problem, as long as your feet are never on the street!
Morgan   2/24/09  
Check out my new bag. I posted the picture. Also check out my blog. I found some really neat stuff at my favorite thrift store.
Daphne   2/20/09  
Thanks I like your style too!
Daphne   2/16/09  
You've inspired me. I went through downtown today and the stores are giving clothes away. I'm going to hunt around this weekend and see what I can find!
Holly   2/11/09  
Hi, you've inspired me with that fabulous bag. I bought a zebra bag! I like animal prints, and zebra and giraffe are my favorites!
Daphne   2/8/09  
Hi there. I love your bag that you have labeled "Zebra bag", but it looks more like Giraffe print. Who makes it? It's fabulous!
Daphne   2/4/09  
One of my favorites-the dogs with the reindeer head bands. Also love the animal print items!! And of course, the kids are absolutely adorable.
Melonee   2/3/09  
Congratulations! I haven't done that yet. Did you see great deals?
Holly   2/2/09  
Carole's been hitting the sales!!
carolejwebb   1/31/09  
Hi, thanks, I got the dvf wrap dress at marshalls for $70, I stalked it for months before I finally gave in and got it!
crazy4shuz   1/19/09  
Love your zebra top, and the dog, too. I am in love with black and white clothing. And that baby is adorable!
Daphne   1/15/09  
You know what she doesn't have? A Pucci puffy coat. I saw one at Barney's once -- maybe that's just more for the Seattle market though :-)
Holly   1/14/09  
Hi, Carole - I just read that you are a Pucci fan. You've got to check out mprather's closet. She has a crazy (good) Pucci collection. She has a clutch that I adore -- it's in an outfit she just posted to the chatter section. Check it out -
Holly   1/14/09  
Your tops are fantastic! Such great prints and wonderful colors!!!
elizadolittle12   1/13/09  
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