Fabulous Looks for under $100-Cocoa Couture Miami Boutique
– Cocoa Couture     1/13/09
I love your tops and the jumpsuits. I will be ordering soon. Going to your web site!
Daphne   2/17/15  
You have such great clothing. I moved to Texas so I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to come see your store.
Moniette   10/9/09  
Those jumpers are fabulous. Do they come in long lengths?
Melonee   9/15/09  
I have to come by and check out the new location if I'm ever down in Miami. I love your new dresses.
Daphne   9/15/09  
Great Looks! I can't wait to visit your website!!
elizadolittle12   8/13/09  
Love the new tops. Does that brown v-neck with the slits in the sleeves come in other colors?
Daphne   8/10/09  
Love the new summer clothing. Especially the shorts.
Moniette   5/15/09  
LOVE!!! I need to visit ASAP!
alex   3/24/09  
I absolutely love your dresses. I will be calling regarding sizes, fit and availability.
Melonee   2/16/09  
Hi, The short yellow trench is adorable. Can you tell me the cost and what sizes you have available?
Holly   1/30/09  
Hi Marcella, I love that black dress. I may have to drive to Miami and pay you a visit one of these days!
Daphne   1/13/09  
Hello and welcome. We love your inventory! What great styles you have. Thank you for joining!   1/13/09