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How do I see the toe rings? I want to get one, but the etsy link doesn't seem to work.
Daphne   7/11/12  
Your shoes are soooo cute. And they must be comfortable.
Andrea W   9/27/10  
Love the T-shirts. I will have to order the Wicked Bad Girl one to give as a Xmas gift!
Daphne   12/4/09  
what sites are busy?i'm still trying to get my company started maybe we can help each other out.what do think?
justice27   12/3/09  
i really like your designs and patterns which made me realize that i have some really good ideas for garments that would go great with your shoe designs.just hit me back if interested in hearing them
justice27   12/2/09  
Hi Readdiction,
Thanks so much for the support. I appreciation and I will definitely be checking out your shoes. How long is the sale running?
justice27   11/19/09  
Congrats! And good luck with the T-shirt Contest.
Daphne   9/15/09  
I put one of your Keds designs on my Wish List. Love them!
Morgan   9/11/09  
Sorry I missed your poating on my page from a few months back. Thank you for the very nice message.

I just read all your blog postings - they are great! Will check in often...
RCH   8/16/09  
Thank you so much. I have not had access to a computer in a while. So I'm sorry it took so long to respond. Your shoc designs are fabulous. They look so comfy and cute!
Moniette   8/14/09  
Hi there, congratulations on your winnings. I was looking at your collection and just wondered. Have you thought about maybe putting the shoes in look books based on the patterns. For instance, you could have a floral look book, a stripes, look book, etc. like the way it is on zazzle. Just a thought.
Daphne   6/26/09  
i love the shoes! they r adorable
CharRayStone   6/22/09  
Hey! I checked out your shoes and I love them! They r ttly cute! i especially loved the summer breeze! Can`t believe u designed/made these!
cutestcouturecutie   6/18/09  
I clicked on your link to zazzle, but now I see there are other designers' products on there. My mistake, I thought they were your designs. I went under Keds Shoes and thought those were your designs.
Daphne   6/7/09  
Hi there, it's good to hear from you too. Thank you so much for the compliments. I love to find bargains and with jewelry, I love the unique. Rarely would i find my pieces on other people! I checked out your website and I love the Barack Obama shoes! I might have to add those to my wish list. Stay positive, everything is getting better. It's just a matter of time! Business will be booming again!
Daphne   6/5/09  
Your darlings and darling!!!
Melonee   6/1/09  
Hello there, I just came from the your site that sales the shoes and I tried to phone in an order. They would not let me order the shoes via telephone. Is there a way to order via telephone or should I send you a check and you send me the shoes? I also saw a t-shirt "America", is that yours also? I cannot find the Disco Dots and Stripes in your Collection above and most of the items that I want from you Collection, I see here on, but I did not see on the ZAZZLE web site. Check out My Wish List and let me know how you would like to proceed.
Thank you again for having such unique items.
Melonee   6/1/09  
omg love the shoe collection.
Miss Vicki   5/31/09  
Wow, your shoes are great! I love all of them!!!
elizadolittle12   5/29/09  
Ugh! How awful! Feel better soon!
Holly   5/28/09  
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