Welcome back. And a speedy recovery to you.
Claudia   3/30/10  
Happy to hear you are alive and well. Can't wait to see more of your work.
Daphne   3/29/10  
I hope that you are recovering well!
Melonee   3/27/10  
Thank you so much for stopping by. I've been soooo busy with marketing I don't have time to visit here anymore. I so much more I would like to place in my closet. My shirts right now are selling like hot cakes. I will be placing my shirt designs in here soon. I'm a comfy girl. I like to wear comfy shoes with a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. I have super sales all the time. I just wish this site was busy. Not too much action going on. I will try to make in as soon as I can. And yes I would love to see what you got. Give me a jingle when you are ready. Take care....I will be back.
redaddiction   12/3/09  
OMG! That red shoe is fabulous! It kind of reminds of the sexy shoes worn by the glamour girls in the 30 or 40's. I can't wait to see more!
Daphne   11/29/09  
Good luck in the zappos shoe contest! I have voted yet again. I love your designs and am looking forward to seeing what the sample looks like!!
elizadolittle12   11/23/09  
You're welcome. You have to let us know how the contest turns out. Are you going to post any pictures of your designs in your closet?
Daphne   11/20/09  
hello there,
I just voted for your shoe. It's a fantastic design and style. I love shoes. I design shoes myself but not high heals. I design comfortable, flat sole, canvas shoes. They are so adorable. Please stop by and check them out when you can. I have a sale going on shipping on
$35 or more. You can visit my store by clicking my link in my contact box. Every girl needs a pair of comfy shoes. Good luck in the contest!!!
redaddiction   11/19/09  
Hi Justice. When are we going to see some of your designs? We would like to do an Emerging Designer feature on you. We would love to see your designs.   11/18/09  
Hi Justice I went to and voted for you.
Daphne   11/18/09  
Hello and welcome. We are looking forward to seeing your designs. Thanks for joining!   8/5/09