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Thank you for visiting my closet.
– Daphne     5/21/14
Have you seen aheckman's outfits. Fun
Melonee   1/21/19  
What a nice necklace Daphne!
RCH   1/15/19  
I saw your blog about meaning to update your closet. MEEEE TOOO. I know much of this site has died but it is so useful to me. Let's bring it back to life.
AmethystJean   1/4/19  
Yes. Iím still here. Iím traveling right now but as soon as I get home I plan to update my closet!
Daphne   12/19/18  
Are you around?
Melonee   11/17/18  
Hello There,
Welcome back! I know that it is hard, I need to regroup and start again as well. I think it is great to review what I have previously placed into MyCloset, and of course, it reminds me of what I indeed have. Wow, it is great to actually see what I have-photo by photo and categorized. Thank you for the wakeup call!

I love your shot glasses!
Melonee   11/11/18  
love the photograph! You are so beautiful! Send me some of that bliss>>>>>
Melonee   7/29/18  
Love the marriage photo
MamiSonga   5/25/18  
Thank you for the shout out Daphne have a great weekend.
MamiSonga   5/25/18  
Congrats on your wedding.
AmethystJean   11/4/17  
Congrats on marrying your first love Daphne! That's really awesome. :) Keep Jesus Christ as the center of your heart and marriage. He is Unconditional love.
Gmoss   6/6/17  
RCH   8/20/16  
Oh wow, congratulations!!! What a pretty ring, but even better... how exciting!
homeschoolmama   8/9/16  
What a beautiful shot of your niece!
Melonee   5/3/16  
You have a very nice new photograph.
RCH   9/8/15  
Hey Cuz, are you still selling some of your closet items on PoshMark? I may have to pick up some of your fabulous things!
Moniette   9/6/15  
Hello there Daphne, just dropping a line to say a quick hi!!!!
Melonee   4/27/15  
Melonee   3/10/15  

I have no words but I am so sorry for this! You know that we are family and we are here for you. Time!
RCH   2/19/15  
Your Native chokers are serious cool.
Amerifreak   10/17/14  
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