Hello. My closet is all about trying to balance comfort with elegance. I am 30 with severe arthritis and have trouble with many pieces of clothing. I still want to look nice.
– Amielamm     11/9/09
Cats are doing great and Moo is even protective so far. Funny since he's terrified of my 3 year old niece! Getting back into some stuff already! Mostly wearing nursing tanks and cardigans for now though.
amielamm   3/2/12  
Congratulations. The baby is just adorable. How are the cats coping? Are they jealous?
paulina   1/19/12  
Congratulations on the new baby!I hear if you breastfeed you'll be back in your regular clothes in no time!
Daphne   1/19/12  
Baby Ian Michael was born the day after Xmas! 9lbs, 1.2oz, and 20in long! We are totally in love! Waiting to see how all my clothes fit now. lol
amielamm   1/6/12  
I can't wear any of my clothes! We are expecting our first little one Christmas day! I am living in stretchy dresses and t-shirts. Pretty soon I will be wearing Mike's clothes. Boring! :) Seriously, who has 15 Columbia hooded sweatshirts?
amielamm   9/10/11  
Oh wow! We have made a lot of changes since we moved in. I didn't realize how much. I will have to take new pics. We have 2 cats. The black & white is 11 and the fat little ginger guy is 2. They both sleep all the time now. Unless they are bird watching.
amielamm   5/28/11  
I love your new house! The kitchen is fabulous. And that armoire your grandfather built is incredible! How many cats to you have? They are adorable. I just have the one and he's a handful!
Daphne   5/27/11  
Yikes! We bought a house! My closet will shrink but, I will no longer have noisy toddlers above my bedroom. I can't wait!
amielamm   6/25/10  
I'm a little bit OCD over anything I can organize. I had to learn to not let it drive me nuts when the hubby puts pasta in my baking cupboard! lol
amielamm   3/31/10  
Thank you. I know I am a shoe freak. And I worked on those walls for hours-totally worth it. And I do like the blue hue it turned out to be, but it's actually purple-my favorite color. And your cats are so adorable. You've inspired me to take more photos of my crazy feline, Ozzie. He does some funny things, but I forget to snap a photo.
Daphne   3/30/10  
Those cats are too funny! I can't get over how neat your closet is.
Claudia   3/30/10  
Your cats are sooooo cute. I love how neat your closet is.
Daphne   3/29/10  
The cats are are your new additions. It looks as if you are doing a great job keeping order:-) and I really like your choices!
Melonee   3/27/10  
I love those berry croc wedges. They look really comfortable and the color is awesome.
Moniette   12/18/09  
I must agree with Daphne. What a great closet! I love your shoes, too.
paulina   12/18/09  
Great wardrobe. Wow you have a closet to envy!!!
Daphne   12/18/09  
I just love your coats.
elizadolittle12   11/10/09  
Hello and welcome. We are looking forward to seeing your style. Thanks for joining!   11/5/09