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Welcome to my closet!!I am a South Florida native who loves everything about fashion!!I love wearing it, styling it, and designing it!!! It is a huge part of who I am!!
– WindyChristine     3/2/10
WindyChristine   6/4/13
WindyChristine   6/4/13  
Hey everyone it has been a while, I had a little one and things have been crazy! Just started a new Facebook page for my cutie, all about children's fashion and style! Please check it out!
WindyChristine   6/4/13  
I adore everything in your closet. It is just lovely. And your designs are fabulous!
Candy   2/14/12  
Thank you. I will have to check out Ebay too. I like to go to consignment shops, never thought about Ebay for fashion.
Cathy   12/9/11  
I didn't realize you could buy fashion on Ebay. I thought it was just for electronics and things.
Moniette   12/7/11  
I copied the link to Ebay but the page was blank. Do you have the name of the vendor?
Daphne   12/6/11  
I love that bag too. I must go to Ebay and see what they have.
Andrea W   12/6/11  
And I love the black and white-very chic.
Melonee   12/5/11  
Thank you very much for the info. I will take a look into this. Take care!
Melonee   12/5/11  
Wow. Thanks for the heads up on the handbags. I will check it out. Your favorite is really nice.
Daphne   12/5/11  
Hello Everyone!I came across this vendor on Ebay with Amazing Henri Bendel Purses for up to 70% Off you should check it out! I got Four for myself!
Click Link​unitedridersagainstchildabuse/​m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_from&_ipg​&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
WindyChristine   12/4/11  
I love the styling for photo shoots pics, especially the anything a man can do series!
crazy4shuz   4/22/10  
Wow!! That is all I need to say:-)
Melonee   4/2/10  
Beautiful designs and photos. YOu were born to be in the fashion business!
paulina   4/2/10  
I agree with everyone. Your designs are great and the photos are awesome.
Moniette   3/26/10  
Great photos and your designs are amazing! Keep up the great work.
Candy   3/24/10  
Thanks for the encouragement. I used to own my own clothing store and I was designing my own T-shirt line, but things got put on hold with the bad economy.
Andrea W   3/24/10  
Everything in your closet is just beautiful! You are so talented.
Andrea W   3/23/10  
Love your new photos. Especially the black and white. I want to get into shooting fashion. Your shots are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Daphne   3/23/10  
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