I'm having fun...hope you are too:)
– Lightenup72     12/31/10
Thank you. I have a favorite necklace that I found in my mom's jewelry box when I was about 5 years old. I saw it again when I was around 25 and I snatched it since she doesn't wear it. And one of my favorite bracelets came from my grandmother. One of the best sources for jewelry is definitely from other peoples' stashes!
Daphne   2/13/12  
I was looking for some inspiration for necklaces and I noticed you have some fabulous, interesting pieces in your closet. Wherever do you find them?
Daphne   11/28/11  
You guys are awesome-I'm feeling inspired to try to finish adding my stuff to my closet!
lightenup72   10/25/11  
Thank you! I try. I'm 46 going on 47 and life is good!!!!
Daphne   7/15/11  
You are an inspiration. Seeing how much you got rid of makes me think I need to clean my closet too.
paulina   5/10/11  
I wish I could do what you've done, but I am waaaay to attached to my clothes to part with them. I may clean out handbags that are too small and don't get used. You are a brave soul my friend!
Cathy   5/9/11  
We should all look at donating things we don't need as a blessing to someone else. I try to do that often when I get tired of seeing the same clothes in my closet.
Moniette   5/1/11  
OMG! I am so in awe of you! I need to do the same with my closet and plan to as soon as I have the time. I'm working on another project right now but you have inspired me to just let go of all the crap in my closet I don't really need. Thanks!
Daphne   5/1/11  
Hi there. I was in the same rut as you. I find it amazing that I had a closet full of clothes and basically wore the same things over and over again. You have such a great wardrobe I can't wait to make some outfits for you.
Daphne   4/29/11  
I love your dresses! You have such a great selection.
paulina   4/29/11  
Welcome to MyCloset! I really enjoy your style.
elizadolittle12   1/20/11  
Hi there. We love your taste in jewelry and we are looking forward to seeing your wardrobe! Thanks for joining!   1/3/11