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Hi, welcome to my closet. I'm 26 and live in the ny area. I love high fashion and designer clothes, but I also love mixing in "budget finds"
– Crazy4shuz     1/5/09
Hello Everyone!I came across this vendor on Ebay with Amazing Henri Bendel Purses for up to 70% Off you should check it out! I got Four for myself!
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WindyChristine   12/4/11  
thanks for all the nice messages, i plan to do more videos, hope you enjoy those too!
crazy4shuz   4/29/11  
Awesome shoe closet. I loved your videos. Who knew you could find shoes like that in Target or Payless! I'm going to have to start looking there myself.
Moniette   4/28/11  
Wow! I love your closet. It looks like a store rack of shoes.
Claudia   4/28/11  
Great videos. You have such a great variety of shoes and they are so well organized.
Candy   4/28/11  
Hi there. I love your shoe closet video. You have really great taste in shoes.
paulina   4/28/11  
Great video. And I think that is a great idea to have an inspiration wall. You've inspired me!
Daphne   4/13/11  
Your blue Lily Pulitzer 'Sullivan' dress is just adorable. You just have such a great wardrobe. How do you get ready in the morning w/out running late?
elizadolittle12   9/28/10  
I must add my two cents...of course, you Pulitzer collection is great. And I really like your style. And by the way, I have snipped out plenty of linings:-)
Melonee   9/27/10  
Wow. What a great closet you have! You could open your own Lilly Pulitzer store!
Andrea W   9/27/10  
Love both your new dresses. I bet if you could your entire wardrobe would be Lilly Pulitzer!
Daphne   9/1/10  
Your Lily Pullitzer collection is fantastic. You must have been in heaven in that store!
Candy   8/14/10  
I'm one of those people Paulina is talking about. I must clean out my closet too so I can buy some new clothes!
Claudia   8/14/10  
Wow. That's incredible that you actually cleaned your closet. I've heard of people talking about doing it, but they never do! Kudos to you!
paulina   8/14/10  
You're my hero! I always say I'm going to clean out my closet, but somehow I can never let things go even if I haven't worn it in years! But I need to do it. You've inspired me!
Daphne   8/13/10  
Another cute addition to your collection. I love halter topes.
Daphne   8/10/10  
I've been also thinking about items to add to my fall wardrobe too. I like the idea of the boyfriend sweaters. Thanks for the inspiration.
Cathy   8/6/10  
OMG! Your babies are sooooo cute.
Moniette   8/6/10  
Macy and Jordan are just adorable! I love Jordan's hoodie! How cute!
Daphne   8/6/10  
Sounds like you had a dream birthday! You must have been in heaven in that store!
Cathy   7/27/10  
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