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Welcome to my closet! After working at home for several years in jeans and men's shirts, I'd like to kick it up a notch. Looking forward to your input!
– Morgan     1/4/09
Wow. That's good information. I will look out for those non-iron fabrics as well. Thanks for sharing.
Daphne   6/7/14  
No iron,huh? I'll have to check those out. I really liked the outfit you wore to the opera the other night. I was trying to remember the details and put it together, but maybe the items aren't all photographed??
Holly   2/3/10  
Thank you so much for stopping by. It's been forever since I have come back. I have hundreds of shoe designs I need to add to my closet. It's been dreadfully dead in here and I am still waiting for things to pick up here. I will be posting some more of my designs here today. I've also been having problems with my connection. I'ts been so slow. Anywho, Im so happy you like my shoes. Stop by again, I will have many more. I need to organize my closet a bit too. I have been so busy! I appreciate you coming by and leaving a message. That made my day. I was shocked when I recieved an email that I had action in my closet. I was like, "really"? Thanks again! Take care, mmmmmwah!
redaddiction   9/11/09  
What a fun wardrobe :) Love your shirts... and that fish purse is AWESOME!
homeschoolmama   8/3/09  
Hi there! How are you? I like your photos. Great captures. You have a comfortable look. Stop by and check out my designer keds shoes. I design all my own shoes. Guarantee you will find something you like. Have fun on your next night out with a pair of my shoes with a pair of your favorite jeans and a sweet tank top. Wear your up, add some braceletts and woooola, gorgeous, heehee! Hope to see you there. Mmmmwah!
redaddiction   6/17/09  
I can't believe that a woman wit a palm tree background believes that there is EVER a time when flip flops won't do....Love the red scarf!
Holly   6/15/09  
Hah! As if!
Cindybelle   5/14/09  
How about getting some more pictures up before I take my big trip!
Cindybelle   5/12/09  
Hi, Did you see the new video on the homepage? It's really cool!
Holly   4/22/09  
Thanks for the heads up on the hangers. I found some great deals on wooden hangers at IKEA as well.
Daphne   4/5/09  
Wow, been there, done that is a great section. I should start one. I really like your snow pictures and the space needle and that cute baby!!
Claudia   3/28/09  
The "newest edition" is gorgeous. Those eyes are amazing!
Holly   3/17/09  
I looked over my shirts & actually I did not get any of them online. Many were gifts from my mother. She has a bad habit of buying without trying on :)
carolejwebb   3/16/09  
Ha ha! Remind me to tell you how close I actually came to having that experience!
Otto67   3/16/09  
Judy! Do you still have that Playboy Club access??? Wow.
Otto67   3/15/09  
You tramp! I can't believe you let a man buy your dress! :-)
Holly   3/15/09  
I love the Thomas Crown Affair too. In fact, I would be perfectly happy with the female lead's wardrobe and lifestyle!
Holly   3/12/09  
You are brave with the suede. Do you have anything made of washable suede? I do not but I am curious. I do most of my shopping on ebay really. The shopping is very limited here in our town. God Bless the internet!
carolejwebb   3/5/09  
Hi Morgan, Buy anything fun lately?
carolejwebb   3/2/09  
Your fish purse is fabulous!
elizadolittle12   2/25/09  
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