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Welcome, I hope you enjoy my closet!
– Elizadolittle12     8/9/11
Hello Elizadolittle! How are things? Happy Holiday's!!
Melonee   12/27/18  
How are you???
Melonee   8/30/15  
Thank you so much for your kind words. It's been a tough year, but this was a day worth celebrating - and I am so grateful it turned out like I had hoped.
homeschoolmama   7/19/15  
Wow. You get to travel (I looked at your photos), so fun to see new places.
Amerifreak   10/18/14  
Hello there, you have such great taste!!!! Love your travel photographs!
Melonee   6/13/14  
thank you~! I love the flower pics! would love to try and paint one. Yes we got some amazing stuff from that estate sell. They were very well off, I dont thing she owned anything that doesnt have a designer label! I havent even gotten a 1/4 of her items up yet ): I also sale jewelry online so I'm busy with that quite a bit. Didnt know they had websites like this, I love it! Will be glad when I can spend more time on here. maybe you can help me? how do you get the "my world" set up? I have personal photos i would like to add that reflect more of my personality but nothing seems to come up when I post or so far ive only found the option to add photos under my wardrobe and my outfit?
anyway thanks for your welcome! love those I think they are candle holders or vases (golden)?
Melly1962   3/26/14  
Hi! Checking out your closet. :) Hopefully, I can find some time this weekend to get started on mine.
TeriBeth   1/24/14  
Hello there,

How are thingsw in SEattle?
Melonee   9/18/13  
And I was wondering if you ever showed the purse you were talking about?
Daphne   9/4/13  
Hello, I see your last blog was from a long time ago. Have you had any new quest?
Melonee   8/14/13  
Hello Elizadolittle!
Claudia   8/12/13  
Wher are you?
Melonee   7/30/13  
Thank you. I will definitely check out the stores you recommended.
Daphne   4/19/13  
Thanks for your kind words .You can shop my collection @ .Free shipping is on now
hvsroks   8/7/12  
Thanks. I love bright colors and I really lucked out when I found that top.
Daphne   7/26/12  
Thank you for your compliments! I really like your closet too ;)
Hakkeboef68   1/6/12  
Thanks. It was not a good time in Vegas. It was in the 40's. Otherwise it would have been a great trip! Maybe next time.
Daphne   11/18/11  
Thanks, I joined to remind myself that I have more than Tshirts and Jeans in my closet. :P
I LOVE your scarf collection!
TrynaReinvent   10/22/11  
Thank you! Do you live somewhere chilly? You have so many cute sweaters and gloves!
RiotRix   10/1/11  
Thank you. I did finally go and I got a call back for a second audition. So wish me luck!
Moniette   9/25/11  
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