Thanks to my cousin Melonee, I found this web page and am enjoying it greatly. It was good to see family photos. I will upload current photos soon.
– Acarroll747     11/14/08
I love your photographs!!!
Hugs and lots of love to you and the family...oh how I miss you all!
Melonee   2/3/15  
Hello Anita, How funny to see you and the family. I cannot wait to see you and the boys.
Melonee   2/3/15  
Hello Acarroll, your family looks so nice. The wedding looks like it was fun.
Claudia   6/30/09  
I forgot to mention how extremely nice the wedding photographs are!!!Kisses to you all.
Melonee   6/4/09  
Oh my gosh!!!I need to see you all. All are growing up so fast. How handsome!!
Melonee   3/13/09  
I will send you more outfits to check out. Kiss the family for me!!
Melonee   2/21/09  
Hey Mel, we are okay. I love looking at the pictures and outfits you come up with. The girls are beautiful. Tell Russell I said Hey. I hope all is well with you guys.
acarroll747   2/12/09  
Hey you, How are you and Steve? Kiss the boys for me. Hope to hear from you soon!!
Melonee   2/12/09  
Hello Anita. Hope that you are well...looking forward to seeing more photographs of the boys!!!
Melonee   2/10/09  
Hi there. Glad to see you joined. Your boys are so big now. Great photos.
Daphne   11/17/08  
Hello and welcome. We are looking forward to seeing your style. Thank you for joining!   10/23/08