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Maggie Dandridge

. Dandridge Couture is a fusion of edgy, stylish, couture clothing.
Born and raised in the inner city of Memphis, TN, Maggie Dandridge has established herself as a premiere Fashion Designer for women’s R-T-W with her eponymous label M. Dandridge Couture. With southern roots as deep as the Mighty Mississippi, and dreams as far away as the couture houses in Milan, to studied Fashion design at Middle Tennessee State University outside Nashville, TN. In 2008, where she graduated with a B.S in Fashion Design and a passion to show the world how her culture,faith, and love of helping others has inspired and shaped her sense of fashion, style, and creativity. Being a fashion designer from the South has its obstacles and frustrations. However, Ms.Dandridge has accepted & embraced those challenges, utilizing every one of them, to help capture her “trademark”style as a designer.

With fashion shows and industry events throughout the U.S, her designs have become award winning and featured on major Fashion websites & blogs such as,, and Since she debuted her 1st collection “Egyptian Goddess” 6 years ago, her designs have been sought after by celebrities, publicists, and stylists for their inspirational messages and unique design aesthetic. Ms.Dandridge continues to redefine the terms Glambitous and Entrepreneur, by devoting her talents and designs to charity events, universities, and organizations to help create opportunities and advancements for design students and the voices of the Next Generation. As a fashion designer she has successfully created unique clothing for women that’s sophisticated when they need to be, sexy if they want to be, and classy always; because that’s what were born to be.
Fashion that's uniquely sophisticated, classy, and edgy!
– Maggie Dandridge
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