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Fashion Shouts


Fashion Shouts

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Best Dressed Celebrities

We love celebrity fashions so we thought we would pay homage to some of the best dressed.

Fashion Shouts: Best Dressed Celebrities

Celebrities always come out in style at each and every event. Some make the top of the fashion charts and others fall into the danger zone and end up on the Fashion Police APB list. We decided to focus on some of the best of the best. Some of the celebrities that have topped our list are Beyonce', Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, just to name a few. Who do you think should be on this list?



Short Views

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Shorts: From Catwalk to Sidewalk

it's time for shorts to make a come-back! Let's see how we can dress them up or down.

Shorts are a wonderful alternative to skirts or jeans when you want to go casual or even dressed up. Here we show you a few fun ways to wear shorts. For a dressed up look, add a dressy top or a blazer, some statement jewelry and high heels. Top of the look with a great handbag or sassy clutch and you are ready for lunch with the ladies or dinner with the guys. To dress down, but still fashionable, try a pair of cutoff jean shorts with a white button down shirt or fun statement tee. We hope that these looks inspire you to sport some shorts this Spring and Summer.



Accents Count!

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Fashion Belts

Fashion is never complete without fabulous accessories. Belts are one of those staples that help complete an outfit

Belts are the accessory that can instantly change the look and feel of any outfit. One of the most stylish belts are the wide, waist-cinching belts. Adding one of these wide belts to a plain pair of pants and a button-down shirt instantly creates a polished and more sophisticated look. The same is true of a plain shift dress, or a skirt and blouse. If you really want to get creative and dress up a cute pair of shorts, add one of these waist-cinching wide belts to a blazer worn with a pair of shorts and some high heels and you've got yourself an incredible head-turning Summer outfit. We hope that these inspire you to add one or more of these belts to your wardrobe.
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