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Your jewelry is fantastic. Such interesting pieces.
Andrea   8/24/11  
Welcome back. I know how difficult it is if you don't have internet access. I don't think your photos are bad at all. I'm going to try using my self timer to get shots of me in my clothes, too. Your new pic looks great!
Daphne   8/30/09  
Love your new avatar pic. Sultry and sexy! Did you change your hair color, or is it the lightning? Either way, you look great! I'm glad that things are going well for ya. <3
LastCaress   8/28/09  
Congrats on the move and all the great changes you've been making.
AmethystJean   8/15/09  
You have a great wardrobe full of fun pieces. It's surprising that you've only been dressing like this for a few months.
Moniette   8/14/09  
So good to hear that things are working out for you! It can be hard to purge a closet (I know it was hard for me), but the results are so worth it when all you're left with is great pieces and outfits. Congrats on the weight loss, too. And with the money you'll save by tailoring your own pieces, you'll be able to purchase new, fabulous stuff--and an internet connection. ;)
LastCaress   8/8/09  
Wow, you've been busy! Can't wait to see pics of your new place. Good luck with growing out the hair... those in-between stages can be the pits! I'm halfway between tailbone & "classic" and am getting mine caught in EVERYTHING right now!
homeschoolmama   8/7/09  
Yeah I been dieting, havent been doing it for long and dont have a scale yet so I dont know how well Im doing but Im watching shows like Cook Yourself Thin in order to figure out healthy versions of my favorite foods so I dont get "cravings". Im not shure if the turky burger replaces the burger in my mind but it did taste good the way I made it so it could easyly replace the old hamburgers. Not the same but still replace. Anyways, Hope everthing is good with you. Sounds like your doing well so far.
TigeressKitten   8/7/09  
Read your blog, sounds like things are going good. Yay to lossing weight... plus its a perfect excuse to find new fav clothing items LOL.
TigeressKitten   8/7/09  
Oh wow, you have the most eclectic wardrobe I've ever seen... I LOVE it!!! Love your ideas for your new place too - sounds awesome!
homeschoolmama   8/5/09  
So exciting. Your design ideas sound great. That was supposed to be my colour scheme too in my last place. I can't now (mom won't let me grr). I'm too old to be saying that!
AmethystJean   7/28/09  
I'm so excited for you!!! The colors and accessories of your new place sound awesome--especially more so because you put your personal touch on them. Pix pls! :)
LastCaress   7/28/09  
Wow, that's so exciting! Be sure to post pictures of the new apt. when your are all moved it!
Holly   7/28/09  
I love your edgy style! By the way, I'm RoxieRedwood on deviantART. :D
LastCaress   7/14/09  
A Clockwork Orange-you have to love this movie! you have great taste
Melonee   7/9/09  
I really like your 'Life' and the things in it book. Great idea!
Melonee   7/9/09  
Lots and lots of udpates for you in your outfits.
AmethystJean   6/22/09  
Wow! You are on it with the outfits. It took me months to use outfit builder!
Holly   6/9/09  
What a fun wardrobe you have!
elizadolittle12   6/9/09  
You have an interesting jewelry collection. Love the watch ring.
Daphne   6/8/09  
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