Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting my closet space. Please let me know what you think of my designs. Be honest please. Also let me know if you need me to work on any projects for you. Much love and Blessings,
– Gmoss     1/5/10
Thank you!
Daphne   6/20/17  
You're welcome. And may God always continue to bless you and yours!
Daphne   10/14/10  
Thanks. I will check with Mike. You did such a great job designing those shirts!
Daphne   10/12/10  
Hi George, Do you have any more of those Breast Cancer t-shirts leftt? I would like to buy another one.
Daphne   10/8/10  
Hi Everyone,

I just published my first book. It is an illustrated short novel. Check out more information on my fan page -
Much Love,
Gmoss   6/12/10  
Wow. The hats are great and the art fun.
paulina   3/8/10  
You're welcome. Keep up the good work. God Bless you too!
Moniette   2/4/10  
What a great way to use art in fashion. You could do comic books, too.
Cathy   1/12/10  
Great designs!!
elizadolittle12   1/4/10  
Happy New Year George. Wishing you much prosperity in the coming new year!
Daphne   12/31/09  
Wow. You are really talented! Love your artwork.
Moniette   12/31/09  
I like your designs. I own one of your hats. My aunt Daphne hooked me up for Christmas.
Adrian   12/31/09  
Hello and welcome. We love your designs! Thanks for joining!   11/5/09