Hello and welcome to my closet. I hope you like what you see. There's more to come.
– Cathy     9/15/08
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Daphne   1/28/14  
Hello Everyone!I came across this vendor on Ebay with Amazing Henri Bendel Purses for up to 70% Off you should check it out! I got Four for myself!
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WindyChristine   12/4/11  
Thank you girl. I'm trying. Can't wait to reach my goal!
Daphne   11/29/11  
Thank you- I love that shimmery red coat!
RiotRix   9/26/11  
Thanks Cathy,
I'll be selling a lot of my samples on Etsy & Ebay, so please stop by... You can find me every where as "i4trends"
Sanjeeda   9/6/11  
Thank you for the compliments on my business clothing. You have some really interesting (and cute) shoes. :)
fashioneesta   3/13/11  
Thank You
L.BanksStyles   3/3/11  
Thanks for the encouragement. I'm working on getting though the block. Since it seems more of a strain to my creative process than actual lack of words I been trying to do things like sketching to try to get the creative mood flowing. Hopefully it will work. Till then Im on a blog sprucing up and house cleaning spree.
TigeressKitten   3/3/11  
Thanks! Your have some really fabulous wardrobe pieces as well.
elizadolittle12   10/21/10  
It's very true you can look amazing at any size.
Zamipoo   10/16/10  
lol! the store was great, I couldn't even concentrate on my first trip around the store, there was just so much to take in!
crazy4shuz   7/28/10  
Hi Cathy. I know you must be loving the warm weather in Chi-Town right about now. I have to make you some warm weather outfits.
Daphne   6/8/10  
Seperates are your friend... really. That way any bottoms you get that dont fit you can have altered. I have a friend who is pair shaped and she has hip butt and thigh issues. I always buy her separates cause I know I can adjust for diffrences in her sizing that way and I can also alter bottoms with just a tuck and pin here or their. Its always better to fit the widest part of you and then alter from their. With a little searching and an idea of your general size I might be able to suggest some styles of jeans and stuff. Most any bottom built for a woman with an hour glass shape or even a pair shape will have room in the booty and a smaller waist. Ive tryed on pants before where the waist is really tight and the butt lose (cause I have a pancake compaired to other big girls my size) that are obviously made for women who have more going on in the thigh and butt.
TigeressKitten   4/24/10  
Thanks Cathy! I actually just finished my story line. :)
Gmoss   1/13/10  
Nice Shoes
Sanjeeda   4/11/08  
Your shoes are fierce. Where do you shop?
Daphne   3/6/08  
Love your designer handbags!
Moniette   3/5/08